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March 26-Torben Søndergaard

The World is getting Kick-started into a new life with Jesus! Are you ready to plunge into the most powerful Life-changing walk with Jesus ever ?

Torben Søndergaard  from The Last Reformation talks about how you can and why it will change your life in Christ!


 Watch about the new movie: The Last Reformation


Article source: http://www.weekendvigilante.com/march-26-torben-sondergaard/

Video: Everything wrong with Washington somehow evident in congresswoman’s horrible parking job

To cleanse the palate, via Roll Call, your “American decline” metaphor of the day courtesy of Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton. It’s all here — gross incompetence, refusal to follow basic rules, and special treatment from authorities because she’s a member of the ruling class. All that’s missing is a lobbyist handing her the keys to a new car and offering to take her current one as she steps out.

One more reason to love Washington: She’s nearly 80, which would put her a decade past retirement age in any other job except governing America.

At around the 40-second mark, an oblivious U.S. Capitol Police officer appears to zoom by on a motorcycle, right past the textbook parking offense…

Our spy estimates the entire head-scratching episode lasted about half an hour, including the painful insertion process and her 20-minute jaunt into [the Cannon House Office building]…

“She hit the car next to her and did not leave a note, though I couldn’t see any damage,” was our spy’s takeaway from the mid-day drama.
Norton’s office disputes that anything untoward transpired…

“After the Congresswoman parked her car, we assessed the cars on either side to see if there was any damage. We could not find any,” a Norton aide assured HOH. “But we left a note with a business card so the congresswoman could be contacted in case we missed any.”

Maybe this is a better metaphor for the Iran negotiations than for D.C. writ large. No matter how ugly it gets; no matter how much damage is inflicted or incurred; no matter how clear it becomes that they have no idea what they’re doing, the White House will make this happen and then declare victory. You know the old saying: Any parking job and/or nuclear deal with Shiite fanatics that you can walk away from is an acceptable one.

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Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/25/video-everything-thats-wrong-with-washington-evident-in-congresswomans-horrible-parking-job/

Hm: Jon Stewart scolds Democrats for using the race card every 7 seconds

Am I to understand that Jon Stewart, liberal in good standing, actually believes that Republican opposition to Obama nominee Loretta Lynch to succeed Attorney General Eric Holder is not animated by horrible hatred of black people? Because, um, that sounds like Stewart might at the very least be guilty of a microaggression for not conceding that every thought and feeling Charlie Rangel has on the subject of race is righteous.

I do occasionally dream that, as Stewart suggests here, Democrats will use the race card too often and it will therefore be rendered ineffective. Of course, I’ve been dreaming about that in earnest since 2009, and it seems to only have become more frequently used and more effective. But it is nice to see someone on the Left saying, even if for a brief moment, “Hey, maybe not everything is racist, and smearing one’s ideological opposition with the accusation is not terribly helpful to the country or to combating real racism. Hm?”

Like I said, Stewart is walking a dangerous line here, lest he be lumped in with the rest of the fake “racists” for not calling them racist with a throaty enough nationally televised yawp:

DURBIN (clip): “Loretta lynch, the first African-American woman nominated to be attorney general is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the Senate calendar.

STEWART” “Oh, for (bleep) Sake. No, she’s not being asked. She’s waiting on a confirmation vote tied to another bill. It’s not — you know my guess is there is not a Senate procedural motion you could subject a person to that would rise to the level of Jim Crow segregation. ‘Changing the amendment procedure makes me like a Cherokee on the paper trail of tears.’ No! (Laughter) Unless someone thinks they can outrace hyperbolized Senator Durbin — perhaps you, Representative Charlie Rangel?”

RANGEL (clip): “They just can’t stand the concept of another black attorney general. They come from states that used to have slaves and they’ve enjoyed the concept that if you’re white automatically you’re superior. They can’t help themselves.”

STEWART: “The same way I can’t help myself from saying very dumb things!

If Stewart would like to go YOLO in his last few months with more like this, it’d be nice. I’ve mostly stopped dreaming there’s actually a point at which the race card becomes less effective when doled out for nonsense, but I’d like to be convinced to dream again. Even if you’re not a fan of him, Stewart is at least a decent cultural barometer for people who tend to unquestioningly think of all conservatives as racist. Baby steps, people.

Update: While we’re on the subject of weak-sauce scoldings that probably mean nothing, check out this truly lame showing from Dan Balz, winner of the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting, who takes his chance at the mic with Hillary Clinton in the room to make a joke about how she doesn’t answer questions. Good stuff, Dan. Truth to power, buddy. It’s all so hilarious, this terrible breach of public trust, as Noah noted earlier today in a follow-up to my post about Hillary’s appearance at the Toner event.

Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/25/hm-jon-stewart-scolds-democrats-for-using-the-race-card-every-7-seconds/

Good news: IRS has less identity theft security than your average Etsy shop

They rehire people fired for snooping, they allow pretty much anyone into facilities and restricted areas where all our sensitive information is kept, and there’s no telling how many unauthorized current and former employees are able to steal identities as a result. And, you thought they just ruined people’s lives with audits. That’s novice stuff. This is the IRS.

I have personal experience with this. I had a fraudulent tax return filed under my Social Security number in 2012. As a result, both my refunds from 2012 and 2013 were put under administrative hold or some such nonsense with no notification to me or indication of how to remove them from hold. The 2012 one just arrived four months ago after I finally got someone on the phone who said, “Huh, I don’t really know why there’s a hold on this. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the fraudulent return at this point. It should be to you within two-to-four weeks.” I am also unable to retrieve any tax transcripts online and have had to go physically to the IRS on several occasions because the IRS system reads the fraudulent return’s identifying information as mine, even though they know it’s a fake. It has been more than two years. Every year, I run into roadblocks attempting to file my taxes because of this breach from 2012, as does my husband since he is now linked to this fraud perpetrator in the IRS’ system as well. At no point, have I felt well-informed about this situation, that anyone at the IRS knows how to fix it, or is interested in doing so.

It’s swell. The GAO agrees, as J.C. Tuccille reports at Reason:

Unless the IRS patches up its information security, warns a Government Accountability Office report, “taxpayers could be exposed to loss of privacy and to financial loss and damages resulting from identity theft or other financial crimes.”

For a tax collection agency with a history of putting taxpayers at risk, the GAO report is, unfortunately, just more of the same.

It’s not as if IRS officials don’t know they have a problem. They do. And they went through the difficulty of purchasing more secure systems and creating new rules. But purchase orders and bureaucratic handbooks are one thing; follow-through is entirely another. Notes IRS Needs to Continue Improving Controls over Financial and Taxpayer Data, released March 19:

A key reason for the information security weaknesses in IRS’s financial and tax processing systems was that, although the agency has developed and documented a comprehensive agency-wide information security program, it had not effectively implemented elements of it.

Specifically, the IRS didn’t effectively control physical access to its facilities by current and former employees and even by visitors. “Because employees and visitors may be allowed inappropriate access to restricted areas, IRS has reduced assurance that its computing resources and sensitive information are being adequately protected from unauthorized access.”

So glad we’re required by law to send them every ever-loving detail of our lives once a year. Cue John Koskinen admonishing us for our ingratitude and asking for more of our money.

Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/25/good-news-irs-has-less-identity-theft-security-than-your-average-etsy-shop/

March 24-Don Blizzard

Sheila | March 20, 2015

March 20- Ken Schortgen

Ken Schortgen is a writer for the Examiner, and Daily Economist, has written incredible geopolitical financial analyses,…

Article source: http://www.weekendvigilante.com/march-24-don-blizzard/

March 25-Torben Søndergaard from The Last Reformation

Sheila | March 20, 2015

March 20- Ken Schortgen

Ken Schortgen is a writer for the Examiner, and Daily Economist, has written incredible geopolitical financial analyses,…

Article source: http://www.weekendvigilante.com/march-25-torben-sondergaard-from-the-last-reformation/

Guest Commentary!

Phyllis SchlaflyPhyllis Schlafly

Seeing as the costs will come due only after President Obama has left the White House, I guess he doesn’t care how high those costs are. But the costs are horrendous, as just added up by our country’s foremost authority on such things, Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation.

Rector told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee last week that the lifetime costs of Social Security and Medicare benefits paid to the millions of immigrants to whom Obama is granting legal status will be about $1.3 trillion.

Rector’s calculation is based on his assumption that at least 3.97 million immigrants will receive legal status under Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, and the average DAPA beneficiary has only a 10th-grade education.

DAPA recipients, according to Rector’s calculations, will receive $7.8 billion every year once they get access to the refundable earned income tax credit and the refundable additional child tax credit. Those EITC and ACTC recipients will also be allowed to claim credit for three years of illegal work, which will sock U.S. taxpayers for another $23.5 billion.

This was confirmed by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who told Congress on Feb. 11 that immigrants who didn’t pay any taxes or who used fake Social Security numbers will nevertheless be able to claim back refunds under EITC once they get new Social Security numbers under Obama’s amnesty.

Koskinen said that he doesn’t know how much these tax refunds will cost and that the White House never checked with him before announcing the amnesty.

The average DAPA-eligible family already receives about $6,600 a year in means-tested welfare benefits. That includes food stamps, school lunch (and breakfast), Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children.

Many Americans labor under the false assumption that because most immigrants are hardworking, they do not depend on welfare assistance. In fact, as Rector patiently explains, most welfare benefits go to households with children headed by a low-income employed adult.

Rector estimates that the combined cost of means-tested welfare benefits the immigrants who came here illegally now receive, plus other goodies such as EITC and ACTC cash, will encourage increased illegal immigration in the future.

The average American, whose children and grandchildren will end up burdened with this enormous debt, must ask whether someone is trying to destroy America.

The Government Accountability Office has already reported that even the debate over legalizing the presence of certain immigrants was “a primary cause” of last summer’s surge of Central Americans crashing our southern border. Even if those teenagers were not eligible for asylum or legal status when they arrived, they knew that deportations could take years, giving them the chance to disappear into the shadows.

Look at California for a preview of our future under Obama’s immigration plan. The Hispanic population is now almost equal to the white population, and almost 50% of babies born in California are Hispanic.

Nearly a third of “English learners” in U.S. public schools are third-generation Americans who still are not speaking English at home, and the Hispanic illegitimacy rate is 53%. The cheap labor welcomed by employers is not only a huge impediment for American job seekers but also a big expense to taxpayers, who are hit with new costs of schools, hospitals and prisons.

The agency charged with approving the applications for Obama’s amnesty is getting ready for more than 800,000 applications in the first couple of months. This agency is facing the prospect of trying to process at least 4 million pieces of mail connected with the new amnesty, and all applications are supposed to be opened in the presence of two workers, one with a “secret” security clearance.

Obviously, we need a new bureaucracy for this awesome task, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has already started to hire several hundred new employees and train them. Luke Bellocchi, a former deputy ombudsman for USCIS, told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in February, “it’s going to be hard to tell how much fraud there is.”

Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, said:

“How you could have proper adjudications this way is beyond my scope of reason. They want to cleric-alize the job, and they’re really not concerned about whether the documents entered are fraudulent or not. They just want to push the papers along.”

The two factors that Americans are most concerned about are jobs and voter fraud. The U.S. has accepted two new immigrants for each additional job created since 2000, according to federal data, and expert witnesses have testified that once the amnestied immigrants are given Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses, there will be no way to stop them from registering to vote.

Article source: https://lamarzulli.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/guest-commentary/

The Recent Israeli Elections

pps-small5Politics, Prophecy the Supernatural!

The current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago. L. A. Marzulli


Note: A retraction.  Last week on Acceleration Radio I was asked a question about Steve Quayle’s Afghan giant book.  I apologize for any misleading comments I may have made.  I believe the story.  Thanks Steve.  L. A. Marzulli

NetanyahuCommentary Analysis 


L. A. Marzulli

The Recent Israeli Elections.

“What was not well reported in the American media is that President Obama and his allies were playing in the election to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu,” John McLaughlin, a Republican strategist, said in an interview on John Catsimatidis’s “The Cats Roundtable” radio show broadcast Sunday on AM 970 in New York.  http://thehill.com/policy/international/236565-netanyahu-pollster-obama-role-in-election-larger-than-reported

Well well.  It would appear that there has been some skullduggery from our POTUS—Emporer Obama—and those lackey’s who serve him with unquestioning loyalty.  Let me remind you that this is the administration that brought us the onerous Obamacare, forced immigration, Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the well publicized, killing of Bin Laden.  Of course out of respect for Muslims they Dumped Bin Laden’s body at sea.  Really?  If you believe that I have some wonderful land to sell you in South Florida.

The latest blatant attempt on the Emperor to impose his will may have happened with the recent elections in Israel.  It would appear that the O. Administration deliberately sent “money, guns and lawyers,” as the late Warren Zevon would have posited, to Israel in order to oust Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hmmmm.  Aren’t there laws against this sort of thing?

So why would the Emperor do such a thing and to make matters worse, why would he be sending John—swift-boat—Kerry to the Iranians to make some sort of Nuke deal at the same time?  Last time I checked the Iranians were still yelling death to America! http://www.timesofisrael.com/khamenei-calls-death-to-america-as-kerry-hails-progress-on-nuke-deal/  With that in mind why in heavens name are we negotiating with these people?

Here’s my take-away.  Obama wants Israel to go back to the 1967 lines, which as I have posted here numerous times are indefensible.  In other words Israel would commit national suicide if she agreed to this.  Netanyahu actually stated, before the election results were in, that under his watch, there would be no Palestinian state.  You know what, he’s right as all we have to do is look at what happened in Gaza to see what the results are of giving land to the Palestinians for peace. As Bibi declared, Israel gives up the land but there is no peace.

So what will the Republicans do with these actions? Most likely nothing.  John Boehner won’t do anything and once again the Emperor, even when caught with his hand in the cookie jar, skates free.  The media?  They’ll avoid mentioning it and instead focus on Michelle appearing on another TV show, and dancing with the host.

In closing todays post.  The elephant in the room is the fact that the US attempted to influence the Israeli elections.  The reason may be because Obama sides with the Muslim nations that surround Israel.  Say it isn’t so!  Obama has broken away from decades of support for the only democratic nation in the Middle East.  Coupled with this is the real existential threat the Iranians pose to Israel if they acquire the bomb.  Oh by the way, the Iranians are still considering dropping a EMP on The Great Satan, which by the way is us!  That translates as this, the bomb will dropped somewhere over the heartland of the USA, plunging us back into the pre-industrial world.  http://www.wnd.com/2015/03/secret-iranian-handbook-calls-for-emp-attack-on-america/

I spoke at Calvary Chapel East, in Albuquerque, last Wenesday night, to a great audience.  When I mentioned the Israeli elections and Netanyahu winning, the room broke into thunderous applause.  The reason for this is simple.  For those of us who follow prophecy we look at the formation of Israel in 1948, as the trigger for the start of the end times.  As I wrote about in the Sunday Bun, yesterday, Israel has been gathered back from the four corners of the world and she will never again be moved from her land.  At some point the nation will collectively look on Him whom they have pierced and mourn for Him as an only son.  This is future and I believe literal.  The King will return and most likely soon…. In the meantime, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold.  L. A. Marzulli

NOTE:  Please pray for Charity Dizdar and the Dizdar family.  Please…..


L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23

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Just Added!  September 12: Nephilm Mounds III – Russ Dizdar – L. A. Marzulli and other guests to be announced. 

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Article source: https://lamarzulli.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/the-recent-israeli-elections/

The future is today: Force fields and underground lunar colonies in the news

It’s 2015, so where is your flying car already? Well, you might not get one any time soon. What’s more, global warming has not accelerated at a rate necessary to force us all into Mylar suits like those that were ubiquitous on the average 1960s-era science fiction television program. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that the most futuristic aspect of modern life is the cellphone in your pocket.

But the future that we were promised by Robert Heinlein and Gene Roddenberry might not be as far off as the pessimists imagine. Just this month, two fascinating developments suggest that The World of Tomorrow could soon be a reality.

According to a presentation in delivered to an audience at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference last week, the prospect of creating self-sustaining lunar colonies might not require the vast infrastructural investments necessary to sustain such a venture on the moon’s surface. Instead, the prospect of massive volcanic pockets inside the moon might serve as promising space in which humanity could establish its first extraterrestrial home.

Philadelphia on the moon

“We found that if lunar lava tubes existed with a strong arched shape like those on Earth, they would be stable at sizes up to 5,000 meters, or several miles wide, on the moon,” [Perdue University graduate student David] Blair said. “This wouldn’t be possible on Earth, but gravity is much lower on the moon and lunar rock doesn’t have to withstand the same weathering and erosion. In theory, huge lava tubes – big enough to easily house a city – could be structurally sound on the moon.”

Blair worked with Antonio Bobet, a Purdue professor of civil engineering, and applied known information about lunar rock and the moon’s environment to civil engineering technology used to design tunnels on Earth.

The team found that a lava tube’s stability depended on the width, roof thickness and the stress state of the cooled lava, and the team modeled a range of these variables. The researchers also modeled lava tubes with walls created by lava placed in one thick layer and with lava placed in many thin layers, Blair said.

Only one other study, published in 1969, has attempted to model lunar lava tubes, he said.

In equally exciting news on the space geek front, the Boeing Company recently filed a patent that would make the force field technology that protects spacecraft from interstellar projectiles and energy weapons alike a reality… sort of.

“Just liking the luminescent shields seen in [Star Wars], Boeing’s ‘Method and system for shock wave attenuation via electromagnetic arc’ could provide a real-life layer of protection from nearby impacts to targets,” ABC News reported on Monday. “The downside: It won’t protect from direct hits.”

The system can sense when a shock wave generating explosion occurs near a target. An arc generator then determines the small area where protection is needed from the shock waves.

It then springs into action by emitting laser pulses that ionize the air, providing a laser-induced plasma field of protection from the shock waves.

“Explosive devices are being used increasingly in asymmetric warfare to cause damage and destruction to equipment and loss of life. The majority of the damage caused by explosive devices results from shrapnel and shock waves,” the patent says.

Image 2

The system appears designed to primarily deflect the blast radius from ordnance like roadside bombs or mortar fire away from vehicles like that shown above. It is, however, a step in the direction of Star Trek-like shielding technology.

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Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/23/the-future-is-today-force-fields-and-underground-lunar-colonies-in-the-news/

Will there be room on the agenda to pass the Sportsmen’s Act?

Given how many fires there are to be put out in Washington these days I’m not sure how much hope I’m holding out for this, but there is a bit of business which Congress could accomplish without much trouble which would actually help people. I’m speaking of the third attempt to pass what’s come to be known as the Sportsmen’s Bill. Sponsored by Senators Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), the bill seeks to arrange for access for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreational activity to millions of acres of public land which is currently locked off because they are surrounded by privately owned land.

Heinrich is one of the lead sponsors of a bill designed to improve access to federal land for hunting, fishing and other recreation. Similar packages failed in the last two sessions of Congress. Despite the partisan gridlock in Washington, Heinrich is optimistic about the legislation’s prospects this time. His co-sponsor, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and plans to use her significant influence to get the bill drafted and voted on early so it does not get mired in election-year politics like the last one did.

“I’m optimistic that the third time is going to be the charm,” Murkowski said during a Senate hearing on the bill Thursday.

“I am very, very serious that … we are going to deliver on this sportsmen’s bill. It is an issue we’ve been working on for far too long.”

You can download an overview of the bill here. There are fourteen sections to it, but a few of the highlights seem like they should be able to draw enough support to get through without too much pain and angst. It will require BLM and Forest Service lands to be open for hunting, fishing and shooting sports while leaving national parks exempt from the requirement. Under another provision, small film crews of up to five people will be more easily able to obtain permits to film on public lands. But perhaps most importantly, it will authorize the use of existing Land and Water Conservation funds for the purchase and development of access lanes through lands which are currently held privately so outdoor sportsmen can access federal lands which can not be legally reached today. Current estimates show that roughly four million acres are now locked off in that fashion.

There are a few more provisions which are going to draw attacks – mostly from the Left – and they may need to be modified in the amendment process or trimmed out to get the main part of the bill through. One would provide a permanent exemption for lead shot from current laws restricting the use of lead. Another would provide funding to help state and local authorities establish and maintain public shooting ranges on federal lands. Both environmental advocates and anti-gun nuts are going to oppose those, I’m sure, though both are worth doing. But even if we can’t get them through, it really shouldn’t stop the rest of the bill.

This isn’t one of those sexy, high profile bills which the media enjoys going nuts over, so I don’t know how much priority it will receive. But it deserves a fair debate and – hopefully – a vote to get this done.

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Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/23/will-there-be-room-on-the-agenda-to-pass-the-sportsmens-act/

The day in Hillary: Nodding aggressively, addressing reporters without taking questions

We shouldn’t let Hillary Clinton’s shenanigans go without commentary today, overshadowed though they will necessarily be by Sen. Ted Cruz’s big announcement. Today, the Empress of Inaccessibility made an appearance at liberal think tank Center for American Progress, and tonight presents the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting to a room of reporters…without answering any questions from reporters.

But first up, an erudite policy panel at CAP. Hillary is very interested in such things, you see, and this is how she communicates it, as amusingly captured by Melinda Henneberger:

Mostly, what Hillary Clinton did on Monday morning, as part of a panel discussion on urban issues held at the liberal think tank the Center for American Progress, was nod vigorously and take copious notes. She did this with great enthusiasm, as if the ideas being presented were all thrilling and new. And in a way, the message her body language sent was perfect: I’m here. I’m listening more than I’m talking. And I am even willing to go to school.

For the many progressives who wonder where exactly Clinton stands on a number of issues, including trade, Wall Street reform and how she’d address income inequality, inspiring the feeling that they are being heard as she’s still sketching out the policy particulars of her expected presidential run is no small thing.

Now is the time for all good progressives to decide whether they will embody the fightin’ liberal ethos of the out-of-power days, grudgingly support an establishment, Wall-Street-aligned candidate with the charisma of a banana peel in the interest of consolidating power, or push for a freshman senator and ideologue to bring an upset win to the progressive wing and maybe 4-8 more years of demagoguery and stagnation to America! What to do? What to do?

The big-money progressives, on whom Lachlan Markay has done priceless reporting, are preemptively pushing leftward with their financial quid pro quo investments.

An influential coalition of the biggest liberal donors is quietly distancing itself from the national Democratic Party and planning to push its leaders — including Hillary Clinton — to the left.

The Democracy Alliance funders club at a private April gathering in San Francisco is set to unveil a five-year plan to boost causes on which some of its members contend leading Democrats like Clinton have been insufficiently aggressive.

Some within the club’s ranks had felt that it aligned too closely to the Democratic Party during President Barack Obama’s campaigns and administration. And the plan, called 2020 Vision, represents a more assertively liberal direction for Democracy Alliance — one that could pose problems for Clinton in her expected presidential campaign and beyond, if she wins the White House.

It aims to steer more than $30 million a year toward groups committed to fighting income inequality, climate change and the influence of political money. A particular focus is on groups fighting those issues at the state level, reflecting a sense among donors that national political gridlock limits chances for progress on their issues, regardless of the specific candidates.

That last paragraph represents what President Obama would call the dark cynicism of not believing hard enough in him despite all the evidence he’s offered that he should not be believed. Perhaps he should direct his next pep talk to Americans who disappoint him at progressives, not us. To me, the fact that even progressives, the country’s most dedicated devotees of centralized power, are abandoning the decrepit and dysfunctional and corrupt machine that is federal government in favor of local remedies is perhaps the greatest indication of the loss of faith in public institutions over which Obama has presided. These are the apostles of the federal faith and they’re all, “Hm, maybe there are better solutions to be found on a local and state level.”

Now, the policy solutions they seek will be terrible and counterproductive, but it’s somehow satisfying to see liberals and conservatives alike embrace the idea of looking elsewhere to solve societal problems. There are so many places and ways that are better at tackling them than just throwing obscene amounts of money at federal politics. Creative Americans prove it every day.

But back to Hillary, who is seemingly without irony doing this tonight, as originally reported by Mediaite:

Hillary Clinton, known for giant paydays in exchange for speeches, will take no money for her remarks before the 2015 Toner Prize Celebration later this month. She’s also not taking any questions.

The March 23 ceremony will celebrate the winner of the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting. Clinton, a longtime friend of the award’s sponsors, is keynoting the event for free.

Tickets to the ceremony run $250, but the event is open to the press. “It’s going to stop being an awards ceremony if she makes any news — everyone will exit the room and start writing,” said Peter Gosselin, husband to the late reporter Robin Toner, for whom the award is named. “Journalists will be journalists.”

Dan Balz of the Washington Post was honored for the second year in a row, according to tweets from the event. Reporters are very excited for him. Less excited about asking the keynote speaker any questions. We can’t even get a “what about your gaaaaaffes?” from the gallery? Here’s Balz on Hillary’s e-mails. Apparently, it’s a tradition for the Toner folks to invite a 17-foot marlin to present the prize for Excellence in Deep-Sea Fishing while prohibiting poles in the room.

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Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/23/the-day-in-hillary-nodding-aggressively-addressing-reporters-without-taking-questions/

March 23-27: Don Blizzard and Torben Søndergaard from The Last Reformation

Sheila | March 20, 2015

March 20- Ken Schortgen

Ken Schortgen is a writer for the Examiner, and Daily Economist, has written incredible geopolitical financial analyses,…

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Sunday Go to Meeting Bun! Why Israel – Why Now?

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun! Why Israel – Why Now?

Posted by lamarzulli on March 22, 2015

BunSunday Go to Meeting Bun


L. A. Marzulli

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And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.  Zechariah 12:3

And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.  Zechariah 12:9

Israel Timeline



Why the global attention on Israel and why is it happening now?  Isn’t it interesting how Antisemitism is on the rise?  Isn’t it amazing how even portions of the church are proclaiming that the Jews that are in the Holy land are not the real Jews.

Obama wants Israel to  go back to the 1967 borders which would be national suicide.  The Palestinians call out for a homeland but a case can be made that Jordan is that homeland and as Joseph Farrah of WND puts it:  There is no language known as Palestinian. There is no distinct Palestinian culture. There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians (another recent invention), Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9 percent of the Middle East lands. Israel represents one-tenth of 1 percent of the landmass.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2000/10/1696/#cD9tu12HjeKA6BMS.99

Think about it.  Israel is the focus of international scrutiny.  The Iranians want her wiped off the map.  HAMAS and Hezbollah have vowed not even one grain of sand will they give to the nation of Israel.

There is a supernatural reason for what we see and it is because we are headed to The Time of Jacobs Trouble, in other words The Tribulation.  All the sings are here, the signs that Jesus warned us would precede His second coming; wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places and troublesome times.

The present administration sent it’s lackey’s to Israel in an attempt to sway the election and not being pleased with the results, Obama now threatens to go before the United Nations in an attempt to once again divide the land.  (Keep your eye on the New Madrid fault-line if this happens)

Israel is now gathered back into her ancient homeland, just like Bible prophecy declared, centuries before.  The Most High God is about to deal with her.  She is now surrounded by nations that will coalesce into a confederacy and attack her, but she will be victorious.

In closing todays Bun:  The hatred of the Jewish people has a supernatural origin and it is this.  The Messiah came from the root of Jesse, He was a Jew and he destroyed the works of the Fallen One, on Calvary.  He opened the door for all the people of the world to be reconciled with the real God of the universe.  When we call upon his name, Yashua/Jesus and ask Him into our hearts, our sins are forgiven and we have eternal life.  This is the good-news!  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold.


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Rand Paul: Clinton Foundation took “unconscionable” donations during Hillary’s time as SecState

While most of the media attention has gone to the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, Rand Paul seized upon what may be the bigger problem for the Clintons — their family foundation and its foreign backers. Paul attacked Hillary for accepting big cash influxes from regimes that oppress women far more than her protestations over pay equity in the US (a subject on which her hypocrisy is nearly infinite). Those connections between the Clinton Foundation and countries such as Brunei and Saudi Arabia are “unconscionable,” Paul declared, and recommended that the foundation give the cash back, the Hill’s Jesse Byrnes reports from an interview in the Courier-Journal:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a likely 2016 presidential contender, is calling on Hillary Clinton to return donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments, calling it “unconscionable” given the records of some of the governments on women’s rights. …

“These are countries with policies that are horrific towards women’s rights, and I think it’s unconscionable that Hillary Clinton is accepting donations from them,” Paul said, noting instances of women raped, given lashes and stoned to death in those countries.

“The Constitution says you’re not supposed to take gifts from foreign countries. I think she should return them,” Paul told The Washington Post and NH1 News. Asked whether he was calling on the former secretary of State or the Clinton Foundation to return the gifts, Paul said, “Tell me the difference.”

Paul is seizing on the most problematic of subjects for the Clintons, one that has percolated in the media but not yet reaching the same pitch as the secret e-mail system. For a lot of voters, the issues of e-mail, accountability, and oversight will sound like Beltway process issues; they’ll reinforce the perception of arrogance from the Clintons, but it’s smoke without the fire. Taking millions of dollars from oppressive regimes for the family foundation, one that served to employ operatives like Dennis Cheng in between campaigns, is the actual fire.

Of course, people can certainly pursue both scandals, and as Ron Fournier has written on occasion, they may well be connected. Paul’s right to work to keep this part of the Clintons’ ethical morass in the center spotlight, though, as it speaks more clearly to Hillary Clinton’s character and integrity, especially when it comes to “war on women” demagoguery.

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Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/21/rand-paul-clinton-foundation-took-unconscionable-donations-during-hillarys-time-as-secstate/

How the internet has ruined everything from politics to privacy

Politico has issued what they refer to as a cautionary tale about the modern age of political warfare, specifically in terms of the recent blow up involving Liz Mair and Governor Scott Walker. Their basic warning is that the battlefield has expanded considerably, and candidates are no longer the only targets. Staffers – and pretty much everyone except family members, for now – are equally valid targets. And the list of sins which can bring them down may be dug up by anyone with access to Google.

Her story is a cautionary tale about the perils presidential campaigns face in the age of attack politics. The cross hairs are no longer trained solely on the candidates themselves: Staffers are now also considered fair game for opposition research hits — and campaigns are struggling to react to a world in which the candidate isn’t always the focal point for attacks…

Betsy Hoover, director of digital organizing for the 2012 Obama campaign, said prospective staffers aren’t always expected to do a full scrub of their social media accounts. But they should be aware of — and be prepared to answer for — what’s posted there.

Like it or not, Mair said, the targeting of staffers is simply the reality of modern campaigning.

This may be “the reality” but it’s only the latest sign of just how ludicrously high the bar has been set. If you were to ask the average voter as they sit around the breakfast table, there are likely all manner of things which a candidate might have buried in their past which are so similar to their own lives and those of their neighbors that they wouldn’t pay very much attention. Did a candidate get a DUI back in the 90s? I bet they know someone who did. Did they ever tell an off color joke? Find me someone who didn’t. Even poor judgement in their love lives is something most of the hoi polloi could relate to on some level. But they are all essentially disqualifiers for high office today once the opposition commences digging and hands the information over to the scamps on the internet. That stands in contrast to the days before the web and the emergence of political news coverage being treated as a blood sport. (How long would Kennedy have lasted in 2015 given his personal life?)

Once you add in every potential staffer, donor and associate of elected representatives and candidates the stew pot has grown so vast that it’s virtually impossible not to turn up a few toadstools. With Google, everyone in the game is Perry Mason and any comment which might offend someone turns into leverage for a career death penalty. But this doesn’t just apply to politics. We’ve seen a trend of employers digging into the social media accounts of employees and applicants, peering into every nook and cranny they can find. And that can – and most assuredly will – carry over into every aspect of all of your lives as the age of No Secrets unfolds. Perhaps this is an apt juncture to ask how many of the rest of us would survive such scrutiny and how justified our prosecutors would be in sorting through our dirty laundry.

Lots of people have their own secrets in their personal lives. And in the age of social media, they talk about some of these things on Facebook and elsewhere… things which they probably wouldn’t bring up at work and which would have little to no impact on their job. And I’m not just talking about potentially contentious opinions about politics, religion or sex. I mean the day to day aspects of life which we might not all want blasted onto the company president’s laptop screen. Maybe a young lady has an ill considered romantic engagement after a night out at the club with her friends. Perhaps you shouted some hasty, angry things at a rude stranger which you later regretted. If you work with a bunch of fitness nuts, but you enjoy wolfing down some Big Macs for dinner sometimes, you might not share that with your coworkers. What about the guy who goes home and has three martinis after dinner sometimes and wakes up for work the next day in slow gear but still gets the job done? (Not that I ever do that… in case our boss is reading this column… *cough cough* … you know… I mean other guys.)

Does any of that sound familiar to you, or perhaps as it relates to allies, some family members, friends or associates you have a good relationship with? Should any of it cost them their jobs as soon as some wag discovers a tweet about it and sends it to their boss? But for the huge majority of younger students and adults who spend at least part of their lives on social media, that’s a reality now. And then there’s Meerkat. Have you heard about it? People will be streaming real time video of most of their lives. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s all a big party in our political Game of Thrones when we dig up every last morsel about each person running for office. And then it trickles down to their staffers. Meanwhile, from the other end of the spectrum, employers start thinking that’s a grand idea and begin rooting around in the private hours of their workers. We’ve managed to take the internet and turn it into the biggest game of You’d Better Be Perfect which could ever be imagined. Of course, it’s probably too late to unring that bell, but it seems to confirm something I’ve been gnawing on for more than a decade.

Eventually the internet will ruin everything.

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Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/21/how-the-internet-has-ruined-everything-from-politics-to-privacy/

Hillary’s Haitian Headache

If you’ve followed American politics for the last quarter century or so, especially on the national level, you know that when you try to navigate your way through the labyrinth of Clinton scandals, you’d better have a good sense of direction because of the vast number of twists, turns and dead ends each particular scandal road leads. That said, it’s kind of fun to see mainstream media begin to chart out the dirt path that tees off of Clinton scandal road dealing with Haiti. Let me try and catch you up on the poor, devastated island nation that is turning from an asset into a liability very quickly for Team Clinton.

“Partners in Haiti’s Future – The Clinton Foundation works alongside the people of Haiti and in partnership with public, private, and philanthropic organizations to foster economic development in Haiti,” begins the sub-page on the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation website to outline their effort to provide relief and assistance to the tiny country that was poor to begin with, and virtually destroyed when hit with a 7.0 earthquake on January 10th, 2010. Just wait until you see what ‘partners in Haiti’ means to Hillary Clinton.

Immediately after the earthquake, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the Foundation began seeking donations from foreign governments to raise money for relief and infrastructure there. This is where the now-very controversial donation of $500,000 from the government of Algeria came from. As CNN reported on February 26, 2015 by Den Merica,

The Clinton Foundation admitted Thursday that a 2010 donation from the Algerian government was not properly approved under the guidelines the Obama administration put in place with the foundation when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009.

The “unsolicited” $500,000 donation was made by the Embassy of Algeria “immediately following the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010,” the Clinton foundation said in an unsigned statement.

“As the Clinton Foundation did with all donations it received for earthquake relief, the entire amount of Algeria’s contribution was distributed as aid in Haiti,” the statement said. “This donation was disclosed publicly on the Clinton Foundation website, however, the State Department should have also been formally informed.”

In 2008, before Hillary Clinton became Obama’s secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration signed an agreement that outlined how the foundation would deal with conflict of interest questions but still be allowed to continue its philanthropic work.

One aspect of the agreement was that the Clinton Foundation would stop taking new foreign donations, except from those countries that had previously donated to the foundation and didn’t increase their contributions.

The Algerian government aid was a one-time donation to help Haiti, the statement said, and the government had not donated to the foundation before or since.

What made this donation controversial was that simultaneous to it being given to the Clinton Foundation, Algeria stepped up their State Department lobbying activity. Here’s a report filed the same day in the Washington Post by Rosalind Helderman and Tom Hamburger.

That year, Algeria spent $422,097 lobbying U.S. government officials on human rights issues and U.S.-Algerian relations, according to filings made under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Data tracked by the Sunlight Foundation shows that while the Algerian government’s overall spending on lobbying in the United States remained steady, there was an increase in 2010 in State Department meetings held with lobbyists representing the country — with 12 visits to department officials that year, including some visits with top political appointees. In the years before and after, only a handful of State Department visits were recorded by Algeria lobbyists.

Just as an aside on the Algerian front, they seem to have had something of an increase on the terrorist attack front, with an attack on a BP facility in early 2013 being carried out using Libyan weapons, as Hillary Clinton herself was force to admit in Senate testimony. But I digress. We’re talking about Haiti.

You’d think with all this foreign money pouring into Haiti, thanks to the fundraising prowess of the Secretary of State of the United States and the former President, the Clintons wouldn’t have to pay for a meal the next time they visited Port-au-Prince. Well, you’d be wrong. From Fox News and Time Warner News, respectively, via the Washington Free Beacon.

So apparently, the vast right conspiracy is spreading faster than ISIS. But here’s where the story just gets fun. Remember how I said earlier that the Clinton Foundation said they were partnering with Haiti? When they say partner, they mean partner.

Drive down the rutted dirt road a couple of miles to the guardhouse, then hike 15 minutes up to the overgrown hilltop, and there it is: a piece of 3 1/2 -inch-wide PVC pipe sticking out of the ground.

This is what, at least for the time being, a gold mine looks like.

It also has become a potentially problematic issue for Hillary Rodham Clinton as she considers a second presidential run, after it was revealed this month that in 2013, one of her brothers was added to the advisory board of the company that owns the mine.

Tony Rodham’s involvement with the mine, which has become a source of controversy in Haiti because of concern about potential environmental damage and the belief that the project will primarily benefit foreign investors, was first revealed in publicity about an upcoming book on the Clintons by author Peter Schweizer.

In interviews with The Washington Post, both Rodham and the chief executive of Delaware-based VCS Mining said they were introduced at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative — an offshoot of the Clinton Foundation that critics have long alleged invites a blurring of its charitable mission with the business interests of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their corporate donors.

Asked whether he attends CGI meetings to explore personal business opportunities, Rodham responded, “No, I go to see old friends. But you never know what can happen.”

It is a fine piece of reporting by Kevin Sullivan and Rosalind Helderman, and at times, is laugh out loud funny. When describing Angelo Viard, the Democratic donor who also serves as the chief executive of VCS, Sullivan and Helderman write,

Viard said that he paid to become a member of CGI so he could attend two of the organization’s meetings, and that he met Rodham at a gathering in 2012. (Foundation officials said Viard paid a $20,000 membership fee in 2013.)

“You try to be a member so you can meet people in the same industry,” Viard said. He said he attended CGI as “a pure marketing operation.”

Meeting people in the same industry. Huh. You know, I do recall Tony Rodham being somewhat of a gold digger, but not technically with a lot of experience in the gold prospecting business. And I’m not the only one who recalls that. Sullivan and Helderman note,

Rodham, a former repo man, prison guard and private detective, has long been a source of controversy for the Clintons. Among other things, he and his brother, Hugh, caused consternation in the Clinton White House in 1999 for trying to operate a hazelnut-processing business in the Republic of Georgia with political opponents of the Georgian president, who was a U.S. ally at the time.

Yeah, that’s what I thought I remembered.

So to sum up, the foundation rifles money from the nefarious human rights violating Algerian regime through donations that were in beach of Hillary’s agreement with the Obama administration when she joined it, kept them secret while being lobbied more heavily than before on the human rights concerns at State, and when caught about the appearance of impropriety with the donations, pointed to the good work done in Haiti. Naturally, the ones protesting the loudest are the Haitians, who think the Clintons have used the island nation as their own personal front company to funnel money. One of the few natural resources the island apparently has is gold in them thar hills. One company gets the permit, and of the seven billion people who populate Earth who could possibly be chosen to join the advisory board, it’s Tony Rodham, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother, and all apparently without Hillary Clinton’s knowledge. With the ability to beat the odds like this, you’d think Hillary would skip the presidential aspirations altogether and try and make some real money. I mean, she could totally make a killing betting on cattle futures or something.

Sure glad we can trust her. If she can run this shell game in Haiti for five years, she can totally decide which emails are public and which ones are private, right?


Article source: http://hotair.com/archives/2015/03/21/hillarys-haitian-headache/

L. A. Marzulli will speak at Dine’s Baptist Church

L. A. Marzulli will speak at Dine’s Baptist Church

Posted by lamarzulli on March 20, 2015

L. A. @ DumontL. A. Marzulli will speak at

Dine’s Baptist Church

Friday Evening! 7pm

Pastor Curtis Harvey 

3396 Highway 64

Waterflow, NM 87421 (602-326-6470 – for info!)

I will be presenting material from On the Trail of the Nephilim I II at 7pm tonight.  The lecture will be for two hours with a break in the middle.

Hope to see you there!



Rivero Peruvian Antiquities fetus figure-2









Sacsayhuman wide shot

Chgongos 2!

#1 The Lance

#20 - Large Skeleton with Ralph Glidden

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Quest4Truth Episode 27

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March 20- Ken Schortgen

Ken Schortgen is a writer for the Examiner, and Daily Economist, has written incredible geopolitical financial analyses, and has a keen perspective on all facets of the financial world. He has owned his own business and corporation, and has vast acumen in investing, securities, real estate, currency trading, and international trusts. He joins Sheila to discuss his book ‘The Israel Deception’.

Article source: http://www.weekendvigilante.com/march-20-ken-schortgen/

Pastor Warns that Astronomical Event Could Herald Judgement Day

Sheila | March 20, 2015

March 20- Ken Schortgen

Ken Schortgen is a writer for the Examiner, and Daily Economist, has written incredible geopolitical financial analyses,…

Article source: http://www.weekendvigilante.com/pastor-warns-that-astronomical-event-could-herald-judgement-day/

Shock As Presbyterian Church Formally Approves Gay Marriage In Church Constitution

Sheila | March 20, 2015

March 20- Ken Schortgen

Ken Schortgen is a writer for the Examiner, and Daily Economist, has written incredible geopolitical financial analyses,…

Article source: http://www.weekendvigilante.com/shock-as-presbyterian-church-formally-approves-gay-marriage-in-church-constitution/

Quest4Truth Episode 26

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Q4T Virtual Conference Archives

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Hillary Clinton’s scandal is blowing up in the press… No, the other one

The Clinton Foundation stinks, and the press is finding it hard to ignore the stench.

In February, The New York Times revealed that the Clinton Foundation violated an ethics agreement signed by ranking members of President Barack Obama’s advisory staff that prohibited the organization from accepting donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. Weeks later, Politico discovered that the private sector Clinton Foundation’s staff received compensation that was provided by the American taxpayers. Days later, a CBS News investigation revealed that a Chinese firm described as having “close ties” to the communist government in Beijing gave the Clinton Foundation $2 million in 2013.

Today, a Reuters report determined that Hillary Clinton violated a 2008 pledge to the president in which she promised to disclose all the donors who had contributed to the Clinton Foundation in order to avoid the impression that she was being unduly influenced by foreign governments. Clinton failed to live up to that pledge.

At the outset, the Clinton Foundation did indeed publish what they said was a complete list of the names of more than 200,000 donors and has continued to update it. But in a breach of the pledge, the charity’s flagship health program, which spends more than all of the other foundation initiatives put together, stopped making the annual disclosure in 2010, Reuters has found.

In response to questions from Reuters, officials at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the foundation confirmed no complete list of donors to the Clintons’ charities has been published since 2010. CHAI was spun off as a separate legal entity that year, but the officials acknowledged it still remains subject to the same disclosure agreement as the foundation.

The finding could renew scrutiny of Clinton’s promises of transparency as she prepares to launch her widely expected bid for the White House in the coming weeks. Political opponents and transparency groups have criticized her in recent weeks for her decision first to use a private email address while she was secretary of state and then to delete thousands of emails she labeled private.

CHAI, which is best known for helping to reduce the cost of drugs for people with HIV in the developing world, published a partial donor list for the first time only this year.

Remember, the scandalous fundraising practices engaged in by the Clinton Foundation is entirely distinct from the scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s decision to conduct all of her electronic communications via a poorly secured private account. They overlap, however, when one becomes inclined to ask what Clinton knew of her family foundation’s controversial fundraising practices and when she was aware of them. The answers to those questions will remain elusive so long as investigators have no access to her emails, as is required by the Freedom of Information Act.

While the commentary class is nonchalant about Clinton’s mounting scandals, her grassroots supporters are starting to sweat. They should. The longer she waits to address these scandals, the more tarnished and vulnerable she becomes.

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