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Should Christians Get Involved? Part IV

For many, civil government and spirituality are diametrically opposed. Often, Christians see absolutely no reason to get involved with anything having to do with politics, even to the point of not voting. Three common reasons are:

   • The Bible has nothing to say about government, so why should I care?

   • There’s nothing I can do to make a difference.

   • Jesus is coming back in my generation, so there’s no point.

In the previous few posts we took a closer look at each of these statements through a biblical lens. Now let’s take a look at the simplest ways to get involved.


James Garfield, our twentieth president, once said,

Now, more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption.… If the next centennial does not find us a great nation…it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.2

This statement is just as true today as when Garfield was president. So, how do we, the church, “aid in controlling the political forces”? One simple way is through voting. Those who proclaim to be Christians (including evangelicals, Catholics, and Protestant denominations) comprise one of the largest groups in America, yet they consistently constitute one of the smallest voting blocs.

Voting is not only an incredible right that we have as free citizens of this republic; it is also a God-given responsibility as stewards of this freedom. God could have had us live under a dictatorship or a monarchy, where we would have had no say in who our leaders are. Instead, He has blessed us by placing us in a country where we have the power to choose our leaders. This power to choose does not come without responsibility. Luke 12:48 says, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.”

Some may argue that they don’t know enough about the candidates to vote. Others say they don’t like their choice of candidates. Neither of these excuses suffice. In today’s age of advanced technology, researching candidate profiles is a simple internet search away. The Library of Congress (www.loc.gov) contains all past and present elected officials’ voting records, speeches, and public statements. For candidates who have not yet held an office, their stance on public policy and social issues can usually be found on their websites, through their campaign headquarters, or on voters’ guides.

For those who complain about their candidate choices, the only logical viewpoint to take is that someone is going to win—like it or not! Sometimes it may come down to which candidate will do the least amount of harm in office. But casting a vote for that person is better than sitting by idly, allowing the greater possibility of evil to win.

2 The Works of James Abram Garfield, Volume II, Burke A. Hinsdale, ed. (Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1883).

This is part four of a five part series adapted and reprinted from the article “Should Christians Get Involved?” originally printed in the Fall/Winter 2012 edition of Andrew Wommack Ministries Gospel Truth magazine.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/10/18/should-christians-get-involved-part-iv.html

Should Christians Get Involved? Part III

For many, civil government and spirituality are diametrically opposed. Often, Christians see absolutely no reason to get involved with anything having to do with politics, even to the point of not voting. Three common reasons are:

   • The Bible has nothing to say about government, so why should I care?

   • There’s nothing I can do to make a difference.

   • Jesus is coming back in my generation, so there’s no point.

Today we’ll take a closer look at the third statement through a biblical lens.

Jesus is coming back in my generation, so there’s no point

Ever since the early church, each generation has genuinely believed that it would be the one to see Jesus return. Christians worldwide are anticipating His return in their lifetime. While it’s good to be looking forward to the day of Jesus’ return (Phil. 3:20-21), the Bible also makes it clear that “ye know not what hour your Lord doth come” (Matt. 24:42). Jesus further stated, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only” (Matt. 24:36).

The problem arises when well-meaning Christians take no regard for their futures because they don’t believe they will live to see them! This point of view keeps many from doing practical things like saving money for retirement or planning for their children’s futures, even though Proverbs 13:22 tells us “a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children.”

It also gives many believers a handy excuse for not being involved in the future of their countries. They see no reason to protect the foundation of godliness in their nations. But instead of gazing into the sky looking for Jesus, we need to follow His command to “occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13). We must be about the Father’s business of building His kingdom on earth, which includes driving out the unrighteousness in our cities, states, and nations.

Consider these sobering words of Reverend Matthias Burnett in 1803:

Ye…whose high prerogative it is to…invest with office and authority or to withhold them and in whose power it is to save or destroy your country, consider well the important trust…which God [has] put into your hands. To God and posterity you are accountable for them…Let not your children have reason to curse you for giving up those rights and prostrating those institutions which your fathers delivered to you.1

What if we’re wrong about Jesus coming back in our generation? What kind of legacy will we leave our children and grandchildren? And will they curse us for not fighting for the principles upon which our Founding Fathers built this great nation?

1 Matthias Burnett, An Election Sermon, Preached at Hartford, on the Day of the Anniversary Election, May 12, 1803 (Hartford: Printed by Hudson Goodwin, 1803).

This is part three of a five part series adapted and reprinted from the article “Should Christians Get Involved?” originally printed in the Fall/Winter 2012 edition of Andrew Wommack Ministries Gospel Truth magazine.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/10/15/should-christians-get-involved-part-iii.html

Should Christians Get Involved? Part II

For many, civil government and spirituality are diametrically opposed. Often, Christians see absolutely no reason to get involved with anything having to do with politics, even to the point of not voting. Three common reasons are:

   • The Bible has nothing to say about government, so why should I care?

   • There’s nothing I can do to make a difference.

   • Jesus is coming back in my generation, so there’s no point.

Today we’ll take a closer look at the second reason in the list above through a biblical lens.

There’s nothing I can do to make a difference

A great lie the devil has used throughout history to keep the righteous from getting involved is that one person can’t make a difference. But history has proven this wrong time and time again. Where would we be without the George Washingtons, the Einsteins, or the Rosa Parks? Or, how would our world have been different today without the Hitlers or the Saddam Husseins of our lifetimes? One person most certainly can make a difference—for good or for evil.

Proverbs 23:7 assures us, “For as [a person] thinketh in his heart, so is he” (brackets mine). The first step for Christians to affect their culture is to change the way they think. God tells us that we “can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth” us (Phil. 4:13). But instead of this statement becoming our reality, we are more like the spies who got a glimpse of the Promised Land: “There we saw the giants…and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight” (Num. 13:33).

We look at the giants in our country—social injustices, abortion, restriction of religious freedoms—and think, What can I do? I’m just a grasshopper! But if we could just learn to see ourselves the way God sees us, we would be unstoppable! Romans 12:2 promises that we can be “transformed by the renewing of [our] mind” (brackets mine). This takes effort though—it’s not going to happen overnight. But as we apply God’s Word to our thoughts, it will happen. Then we can conquer the giants in our society.

No one person can do it all, of course, but everyone—especially Christians in whom the Holy Spirit resides—can do something. Maybe your “something” is helping support a godly candidate through finances or volunteering. Or maybe you’re called to take a position on your local school board or perhaps rally others to help push pro-life legislation through the political channels. If you have no idea what to do, pray and ask God how He would have you get involved. There is something available for all gifts, talents, and personalities.

This is part two of a five part series adapted and reprinted from the article “Should Christians Get Involved?” originally printed in the Fall/Winter 2012 edition of Andrew Wommack Ministries Gospel Truth magazine.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/10/11/should-christians-get-involved-part-ii.html

Should Christians Get Involved? Part I

For many, civil government and spirituality are diametrically opposed. Often, Christians see absolutely no reason to get involved with anything having to do with politics, even to the point of not voting. Three common reasons are:

   • The Bible has nothing to say about government, so why should I care?

   • There’s nothing I can do to make a difference.

   • Jesus is coming back in my generation, so there’s no point.

Over the next few posts we’ll take a closer look at each of these through a biblical lens.

The Bible has nothing to say about government, so why should I care?

If we truly want to have a Christian worldview, we must evaluate the political arena through Scripture. In doing so, we’ll discover that not only does God have quite a bit to say about government but also that He has given us clear mandates concerning our involvement.

One specific instruction can be found in 1 Timothy 2:1-3:

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour.

Here, God says that “first of all,He wants us to pray “for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority.” Note that He specifically pointed out kings and those in authority. We should pray for those who have spiritual authority, natural authority, and civil authority in our lives.

Why would God place such a high priority on praying for those in authority? Verse 2 goes on to answer that question: “That we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.” Also, when we pray for someone, we get God’s heart for that person, and when we begin praying for a cause—whether it be missions, reaching the lost, or government—we become inclined to want to get involved in that cause. This is God’s strategy to attack complacency.

Another passage that applies to Christians in the civil arena is Matthew 5:13-16, which says,

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?… Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Those who read this passage and only apply it to so-called “spiritual” matters have missed the fullness of the point Jesus was making. Salt is a preservative, and we are supposed to preserve the society around us by infusing it with the righteousness of God. Likewise, the light of Jesus in us needs to be shone into the dark places so others may be pointed to God. And, as we all know, politics can be a very dark place!

If every Christian fled from being involved in civil government, there would be no salt or light in this institution whatsoever. That’s obviously not God’s will. When our culture moves toward unrighteousness, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of uninvolved Christians. Edmund Burke, an eighteenth-century political thinker and orator, perhaps stated it best in his popular quote: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

These are only two of many Scripture passages offering a glimpse into God’s will concerning our involvement in the civil arena. To learn more about what the Bible has to say regarding government and choosing godly leaders, also see Exodus 18:21; 1 Samuel 16:7; 2 Samuel, 23:3; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 11:3; Proverbs 14:34, 29:2; Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 11:12; and Romans 13:1.

This is part one of a five part series, adapted and reprinted from the article “Should Christians Get Involved?” originally printed in the Fall/Winter 2012 edition of Andrew Wommack Ministries Gospel Truth magazine.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/10/8/should-christians-get-involved-part-i.html

CBC-Florida: Three Campuses and Growing

Danon and Amanda Winter with Andrew at The Sactuary in 2010. (Click to enlarge)In May 2010 we shared the faith journey of CBC-Colorado graduates, Danon and Amanda Winter, who officially launched CBC-Florida in Jacksonville in September of 2006. The school opened with 35 students and has continued to expand over the past six years. The Winters enjoy seeing lives transformed on a regular basis and the impact that their students are having in their spheres of influence, reaching fellow employees in the workplace and beyond, with the good news of Jesus Christ. Today, Danon and Amanda are continuing to follow God’s lead for expansion, which includes multiple CBC extension schools in Florida and abroad.

Students from the Orlando campus at their annual mission trip fundraiser. (Click to enlarge) Just a few years ago Danon felt like God was directing him to start up four additional schools in different highly populated regions of Florida. He and Amanda began to explore the idea of planting schools in Orlando, Tampa, southeastern Florida between West Palm Beach and Miami, and one on the Panhandle. Once they received the go-ahead from World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, they began to put their plans into motion.

The couple opened their second school in Orlando three years ago, and at the beginning of September, the Winters opened a school in the Tampa Bay area. “So now we have two more locations to reach to complete God’s instructions for Florida. We need to hit southeast Florida and the Panhandle,” Danon explained.CBC-Florida’s Tampa campus building. (Click to enlarge)

“All of this has to happen in God’s timing and with the right leaders in place. So far all of our campuses [including an in-church school in Clermont] have been started alongside people that we have worked with side-by-side for a minimum of two years. Relationship is a key,” said Danon.

CBC-Colorado graduates, Kim and Ronda Nyght facilitate the Orlando campus. The Nyghts and Winters were students in Colorado at the same time and then worked together for two years at the Jacksonville campus. CBC-Florida graduates, Ed and Judy Vomacka and Kurt Barreto facilitate the Tampa Bay school. CBC’Florida’s Orlando campus facilitators, Kim and Ronda Nyght
(Click to enlarge)
“Judy drove every week from Tampa to our Jacksonville campus for 3 years to do school and the apprenticeship program and Kurt graduated from Jacksonville two years ago,” Danon explained. Even with the additional campuses, he and Amanda regularly travel to each school to oversee operations and teach classes.

As promised, the Lord is blessing the work of the Florida team’s hands. Mission trips are particularly fruitful. On one trip to the Dominican Republic, a group of students testified that every prisoner in a juvenile detention center gave their life to Jesus. At the same time, another group of students returned from a CBC-Florida’s Tampa campus facilitators, Judy and Ed Vomacka (Click to enlarge)local hospital and testified that every person they prayed for received healing and many of the patients and their family members gave their lives to Jesus. “I was overhearing this while I was training eight pastors, who oversee more than 50 churches, to use the Discipleship Evangelism (DE) material. It was a pretty awesome day,” Danon recalled.

CBC-Florida also partners with another local ministry with a heart to transform northeastern Florida. One way the ministry touches the region is by going into the public school system. During one of their in-school outreaches they gave an altar call, and CBC students were able to pray with hundreds of public CBC-Florida’s Tampa campus facilitator, Kurt Buretto and his wife, Leisa. (Click to enlarge)school students to receive the Lord. “This was in a public school, praise the Lord!” said Danon.

With the fulfillment of the five Florida schools in sight, Danon shared that there are more plans in the works that will reach beyond the borders of Florida—beyond the United States. “Recently God challenged me to start five schools in five different countries,” Danon said. Wasting no time, the Winters currently have plans in the works to start new schools in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, and contacts have been made in the Bahamas. It won’t be long before these schools are up and running.

An outreach during a CBC-Florida mission trip to the Dominican Republic.
(Click to enlarge)
“We have gone through three sessions of DE in the Dominican Republic, and the fourth one is going now. Those who have been discipled are now discipling. It is awesome to plant seeds in different locations, do a little watering, provide some leadership, and then watch it grow. Training others to go out and produce fruit is so exciting because you can really maximize your efforts and in time see way more fruit than if you were doing everything yourself,” Danon said. “It’s the multiplication factor. Our disciples are reaching others and making other disciples.”

To learn more about this expanding ministry, visit the CBC-Florida website, and find their campus pages on Facebook.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/10/4/cbc-florida-three-campuses-and-growing.html

Earth Is Moving At The Sanctuary!

September 7, 2012 – Andrew stands at the Sanctuary as the heavy equipment arrives to begin site excavation. (Click to enlarge)Construction at The Sanctuary began on September 7, 2012. After three long years of careful planning and permit application, the construction crews arrived on site. Huge earth movers began crawling through the landscape, excavating for the new road into the property, building site elevations and parking areas. The new road construction also opened the door for other infrastructure work to begin.

With excavation underway, Andrew anticipates that the first phase of the project, including Charis Bible College’s first building, The Barn, will be complete within the next 14 to 16 months. The Barn will be the primary classroom portion of the Sanctuary facilities and will include 23 classrooms, two auditoriums (with a maximum seating capacity of 2,400) and a large industrial kitchen.

Here are several images of the progress:

(Click to enlarge)(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)(Click to enlarge)Andrew’s television department filmed a video on the jobsite to give you a firsthand report of the progress. You can watch the video below.


Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/10/1/earth-is-moving-at-the-sanctuary.html

Earth Is Moving At The Sanctuary!

September 7, 2012 – Andrew stands at the Sanctuary as the heavy equipment arrives to begin site excavation. (Click to enlarge)Construction at The Sanctuary began on September 7, 2012. After three long years of careful planning and permit application, the construction crews arrived on site. Huge earth movers began crawling through the landscape, excavating for the new road into the property, building site elevations and parking areas. The new road construction also opened the door for other infrastructure work to begin.

With excavation underway, Andrew anticipates that the first phase of the project, including Charis Bible College’s first building, The Barn, will be complete within the next 14 to 16 months. The Barn will be the primary classroom portion of the Sanctuary facilities and will include 23 classrooms, two auditoriums (with a maximum seating capacity of 2,400) and a large industrial kitchen.

Here are several images of the progress:

(Click to enlarge)(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)(Click to enlarge)Andrew’s television department filmed a video on the jobsite to give you a firsthand report of the progress. You can watch the video below.


Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/10/1/earth-is-moving-at-the-sanctuary.html

CBC’s School of Healing Seeing Fruit

Andrew ministers to a visitor at CBC’s School of Healing during the first anniversary of the school’s opening. (Click to enlarge)Earlier this year we posted a story about Charis Bible College’s School of Healing. Since the time of that article, the weekly program, which trains and equips students in all things related to healing, has continued to grow and has brought forth tangible manifestations God’s will to heal.

Over the past year, the staff at the School of Healing has trained more than 300 prayer ministers. To become part of the prayer ministry team, each person is required to attend weekly training sessions. These multi-faceted sessions include an eight hour course during which students learn not only how to minister healing, but about how to receive healing. Throughout the CBC staff member Carlie Terradez (SA) and Director, Daniel Amstutz keep things fun. (Click to enlarge) training, staff members monitor each student’s academic work, and they also evaluate the character of each participant. It is only after the staff feels the student is comfortable and confident that they will recommend the student be allowed to minister one-on-one. The process produces effective ministers, bold in faith and confident in the Word of God, and as a result the prayer ministry teams see many miracles each week.

One example of the tangible fruit being produced at the school can be found in the story of one woman’s healing. The woman’s Nadine (white pants) lays hands on Jamie, and heat begins to flow.
(Click to enlarge)
name is Jamie, and she visited one Thursday seeking relief from multiple issues stemming from several past accidents. She suffered from the after effects of a concussion, including difficulty reading; she also had pain in her back and jaw, and her right arm was cold and numb. Her minister, Nadine, listened carefully to what Jamie said, and then began to address the issues. First Nadine ministered the baptism in the Holy Spirit, which Jamie gladly received with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Then, the Lord showed Nadine that Jamie was suffering with condemnation as a result of her multiple accidents. Nadine shared scripture with her to free her from the condemnation (Romans 8:1), and as Nadine spoke she saw Jamie relax. Finally, Nadine, Jamie, after receiving her healing, holds up her testimony report. (Click to enlarge)led by the Lord put just her fingers on Jamie’s neck, and she spoke to her body. Both Jamie and Nadine felt heat in the area Nadine’s fingers touched. Jamie noticed a change in her body right away. She said, “I felt my arm warm up, numbness go away, and my body started getting warm—feeling good—now I am healed!” Nadine’s ministry report about her time with Jamie reads, “No numbness, no pain, she could read, and she was feeling relaxed—Hallelujah!”

“God is blessing, we are growing, and people are sharing every week about how blessed they are to be a part of it! We are not only receiving practical teaching on various topics related to healing, but we are seeing the students growing in confidence as they minister the laying on of hands on a weekly basis,” said Director, Daniel Amstutz.

Retired Air Force pilot, Glen came to receive healing for his foot. Prayer ministers addressed his issue, and spoke healing from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. The foot is getting better, but since the prayer his vision (top of his head) has cleared to 20/15 (better than he’s ever had) and all signs of Diabetes have left his body (working down toward his feet)! Glen believes he is completely healed. (Click to enlarge)Staff member, Carlie Terradez said, “Due to the large number of students who want to help, we have prayer ministry teams and they each serve on a four-week rotation.” She went on to say that many prayer ministers come each week, whether serving or not, just to take part.

The School of Healing averages between 60 and 70 outside visitors and 10-15 new people each week. Many of the new faces come from out of state or abroad; one family traveled from the UK just to attend. “Healing and miracles are happening, and the word is getting out. We have people who have come here for the Healing School, who are now enrolled in the college as a result. We have people coming from all over to have someone that really believes the Word of God minister to them, instead of what has become the accepted norm in many places of mostly unbelief with a bit of faith mixed in,” said Daniel.

The school, which is free to all and open to the public, meets weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the CBC campus auditorium on Elkton Drive. Each session opens with a time of worship, then testimonies of God’s goodness are shared, followed by teaching. The program culminates with a team of students ministering healing to whoever comes forward to receive.LaDawn, was paralyzed when she came for prayer. Here, with the help of her husband, she stands. “I was moving my legs and could feel my muscles tightening!” she said excitedly. (Click to enlarge)

“Learning to walk in health is a big topic, especially in our culture today with all of the issues of medical care. We are being bombarded with all of the prescriptions that we just have to have to live a productive life, and people are really growing tired of it. They are realizing that just maybe God’s Word really did mean life more abundantly,” said Daniel enthusiastically.

For more information about the School of Healing or to watch a session via live feed, be sure to visit charisbiblecollege.org.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/27/cbcs-school-of-healing-seeing-fruit.html

Charis Shatters the Grip of Legalism

2008 Charis Bible College-Atlanta graduate, Carolyn Schrock with Andrew. (Click to enlarge)As a young girl, confusion clouded Carolyn Schrock’s mind and heart. She grew up hearing about God, and she knew He was real. She was also taught that He was the Creator of the world and that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for her sins. Carolyn believed that heaven and hell were real, and she wanted to make sure she ended up in heaven one day.

But though she knew all of these truths about God and the Bible, she was being taught many false doctrines at the same time. One such doctrine was that in order to make it to heaven, she must follow certain church rules and regulations, including a specific dress code that had to be adhered to.

So, which is it? Carolyn wondered. Was Jesus’ death enough for me to get into heaven, or do I have to obey all the church rules and do good works as well?

Carolyn being prayed for at the 2011 Gospel Truth Seminar in Atlanta, GA. (Click to enlarge)Carolyn’s genuine hunger to follow God and make it into heaven set her on a quest for truth. She had a difficult time accepting her church’s teaching that its members were the only ones who had discovered God’s “special ways” of doing things. She wondered how it could be that they were the only group who had any hope of making it to heaven, while the rest of the world went to hell because they didn’t know the “truth.”

The more she pondered the teachings of her church, the more she began to long for a different kind of relationship with God. She used her youthful imagination to help her escape from the rigid doctrine of her church. She wondered what it might be like not to have to obey all the dos and don’ts that constantly hung over her head, and how freeing it would be not to always wear the mandatory women’s head covering and to be free to purchase clothing instead of having to make her own dresses.

Even more importantly, she wondered what it might be like to be able to actually think for herself, making her own choices—Carolyn and her parents, Herman and Elise. (Click to enlarge)not just about clothing but about all aspects of life. So far, her parents and her church had made all her decisions for her.

She had asked her parents many times if God was really the one who gave them all the rules they had to keep. This thinking didn’t reconcile with the God of love she saw within the pages of her Bible. She wanted to know why Jesus wasn’t enough and if God really required her to follow all the “extra” rules to make Him happy. Her parents’ only response was, “The preachers know what’s best for us, dear.” But even though they gave her that answer verbally, she could sense an unrest in her parents and saw a wrenching look in their eyes. She later understood that look when she found out that they, too, were searching and crying out to God for answers and help.

Not having anyone to turn to for answers added to Carolyn’s confusion. She felt stuck in the middle of wanting to obey God but not wanting to obey all of the church’s rules. In her heart, she knew Carolyn serving at CBC-Atlanta.
(Click to enlarge)
that something wasn’t right. But even thinking about fleeing from the “system” indicated that she was rebellious. She continued to conform because she was afraid to disobey the rules. So, instead of getting answers, Carolyn learned to quickly dismiss such questioning and repent for her disobedient thoughts.

But the Holy Spirit wasn’t about to leave Carolyn alone. While, in her mind, she was pursuing God for answers, the Holy Spirit was pursuing her to show her the truth. The confusion and nagging questions just wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard she tried to squelch them for fear of being in disobedience.

Then one day, at age twelve, Carolyn heard a clear message of the true, uncompromising good news of Jesus: She could be saved simply by believing in Jesus Christ, period. No extra rules. No additional work on her behalf. She could go to heaven because of Jesus alone.Carolyn, Easter 2012.
(Click to enlarge)

Carolyn had found a new freedom in God. He gave her a brand-new identity in Jesus, and her relationship with the Lord had begun. Many questions about how to actually live out her Christian life remained throughout her walk with God. She often struggled because she didn’t have a clear understanding of God’s true nature and character.

Even though she had found freedom in the saving power of God’s grace, she often fell back into her old patterns of trying to please Him and get her prayers answered based on her performance. She wasn’t able to fully walk in God’s grace and live her life knowing that God accepted her despite the things she did—or didn’t do.

In the midst of her struggle, she learned of Charis Bible College (CBC) in Atlanta. As soon as she heard about it, she knew in her heart that she had to go. “I am so grateful for Charis,” says Carolyn. Carolyn with her graduating class, flanked by Andrew and Jamie to the left and CBC-Atlanta Directors Tom and Cindy Boyd. (Click to enlarge)“Coming here has been a blessing beyond words. It has given me an understanding of the nature of God, the love of God, and the grace of God like never before.”

Charis, which means “grace,” was revealed to Carolyn in a life-changing way through CBC-Atlanta. Her heart and thinking became saturated with God’s grace as the truths she learned at the school taught her how to practically walk in God’s love and freedom on a daily basis—something she had never known before.

Many of Carolyn’s questions about her relationship with God have been answered through the teachings and relationships she has developed at Charis. Through her time there, she has finally learned how to rest in the finished work of Jesus and step off the performance treadmill.

“Living in legalism and living in the freedom of a personal relationship with God that focuses on the heart are opposing ways of believing,” explains Carolyn. “Legalism doesn’t allow you to live out of your heart. But hearing truth being taught from the Word has set me free to live out of my heart.

“Thank you to everyone at CBC-Atlanta for helping to set me free. My life has been changed forever!”



Reprinted from the article Charis Shatters the Grip of Legalism, first printed in the Spring/Summer 2012 edition of the Gospel Truth Magazine.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/24/charis-shatters-the-grip-of-legalism.html

Karly Gutierrez: Healed from Tourettes

The Gutierrez family (L-R): Helen, Gabriel (6), Ed, Karly (3), and Andrue (8). Karly was diagnosed with tourettes syndrome at the age of six.
(Click to enlarge)
A couple of years ago, Ed Gutierrez and his young family were struggling to navigate life’s sometimes turbulent waters. He and his wife Helen were being tossed by financial issues, and their marriage was being damaged in the process. At the same time, the Gutierrez’ six-year-old daughter, Karly, was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called tourettes syndrome. These pressures were a great strain on the family. In the roughness of the storm, Helen turned to the Lord. Ed on the other hand, did not know God and blamed Him for their situation.

Ed’s anger and frustration grew with each day as he watched his little girl was ridiculed and bullied and became the brunt Karly became the brunt of jokes and was bullied as a result of her outbursts and physical tics. (Click to enlarge) of many jokes. When Karly turned eight, the symptoms of her disorder grew worse. She began to have extremely loud outbursts with violent shrieks and barks as well as random muscular tics, twitching movements throughout her neck and body. And, it didn’t take much to set Karly off; when she would hear simple words such as: pizza, cheese, awesome, and face, she would react by screaming them loudly. Ed was losing it.

“One night I screamed and yelled at God and said things I should not have said. I told him to leave her alone and to take it out on me instead. Nothing changed. A few months later I couldn’t take Karly holding her school homework folder, age 5.
(Click to enlarge)
it anymore. We had lost the house, Karly was getting worse, and my marriage was not where it should have been,” recalled Ed.

In March of 2011, Ed cried out to God. Unable to fight anymore, he asked God for help. “I was on my knees crying, like a baby, and I begged him to help me. He did. He began to work on my heart, and one month later I became born again on Easter morning 2011,” said Ed brightly.

Newly born again, Ed still struggled to understand God’s true nature, and he had lingering thoughts that it was God’s will for Karly to be sick. Although misunderstanding still loomed, Ed’s salvation brought he and Helen closer. As the two sought the Lord together in prayer, their marriage was strengthened.

Ed prayed relentlessly for Karly and waited for some sign that she was healed. Morning after morning his heart would break Karly showing off the space left by her first lost tooth, age 5.
(Click to enlarge)
as he waited for her to wake up, hoping that the Lord had healed her overnight. If he didn’t hear a screech or a yelp right away his heart would begin to soar, but then, soon enough the noises would start, and his heart would sink.

One day as Ed flipped through the television channels, he stopped on God TV just in time to catch Andrew’s Gospel Truth program. Ed had seen Andrew before but never paid any attention to his teaching. This day however, he heard Andrew mention healing—physical healing—and Ed tuned in. The things Andrew shared totally contradicted the things Ed was taught in church. “I couldn’t believe what I was Karly running at the beach, age 5.
(Click to enlarge)
hearing and I sat up and started listening,” Ed said.

After watching Andrew’s program, Ed logged onto awmi.net and started listening to podcasts. “The first one I listened to was God Wants You Well and then The Believers Authority. I was kind of confused between what I was learning at church and what I was hearing Andrew say. I began to read my Bible with an open mind to decide for myself what the Bible actually says about healing. Guess what… Andrew was right,” exclaimed Ed.

Karly standing with the prayer ministers (L-R: Suzanne, Janet and Tonne) who prayed over her during the Gutierrez’ family visit to CBC’s School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)In March of 2012, Ed and his family made the drive from their home in New Mexico to Colorado Springs to be a part of Charis Bible College’s Campus Days. While they visited, they planned to attend the weekly Healing School meeting. Unfortunately, Karly could not be quiet or stay still long enough for the Gutierrez family to sit in the main auditorium. The family went to an overflow room where they could watch the meeting on the big-screen TV. There a woman named Janet and two other ladies, Suzanne and Tonne, prayed for Karly and they commanded tourettes to leave. Ed was so excited because immediately following the time of prayer Karly was quite enough to return to the main auditorium. “We went into the main sanctuary and proclaimed her healing. It was the best feeling I had in my life,” recalled Ed.

Ed and Helen’s joy was short-lived. As they got in their car to leave, their daughter began to shriek and tic. Karly, so impressed by her father’s joy-filled smile, fought the symptoms of her syndrome and had managed to control them for the short time they were in the Ed and Karly. (Click to enlarge)auditorium, but she couldn’t hold them in any longer. Devastated, Ed’s heart broke, and anger rose. “I had seen on GOD TV and the Church Channel where people were healed of all kinds of diseases and sicknesses. I couldn’t understand why He wouldn’t heal my daughter, and I was greatly disappointed. I felt like a fool for standing on stage and proclaiming her healing,” Ed said.

A few weeks later, after a bout with self pity, Ed resolved not to give up on his daughter, and he started speaking life over Karly. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and his family, he chose to stand on Progressive progress! Karly, now 10, shows almost no sign of the syndrome that once stole from her. God’s word is true and the devil is a liar! (Click to enlarge)God’s Word. “I began praying and thanking God for sending Jesus. I began to stand on Isaiah 53:5 saying, ‘And by his stripes ye were healed,'” he said.

Ed continued to pray and also started to play Andrew’s Healing Scriptures CD every night at Karly’s bedside. Eventually, Helen mentioned to Ed that he was so fixated on seeing an instant healing that he was missing the progressive healing taking place right before his eyes. Slowly, he realized it was true; Karly wasn’t reacting to trigger words like pizza anymore. She still had her shrieks and barks, but she had definitely progressed. “I sat her down and tested her. I looked her right in the face and said her words one by one only to see her smile and laugh. What great joy that brought me. After three months, all of her outbursts and noises disappeared. Gone, gone, gone!” said Ed.

Karly’s progressive healing continues today. Ed and Helen may notice an occasional, very small sound or awkward movement, but they said, “If you didn’t know she had tourettes before, you wouldn’t be able to tell anything.”

This summer the Gutierrez family has done things they have never been able to do. Before Karly was healed, they would avoid riding in the car, but this summer they drove to Denver, comfortably, to visit with family. “We have gone to the mall and the movies, and done many other simple things we wouldn’t have been able to do. Our family can do normal things now—even go out to eat at a restaurant. Jesus healed my daughter from tourettes syndrome and every day I thank the Lord,” said Ed with a truly grateful heart.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/20/karly-gutierrez-healed-from-tourettes.html

Meet the New Directors of CBC-Uganda

CBC-Colorado graduates, Mary and Hank Lenz, the new directors of CBC-Uganda. (Click to enlarge)Leland Shores III, a 2004 graduate of Charis Bible College in Colorado, launched CBC-Uganda in February 2010. He had been on the mission field in Africa since the latter part of 2005, and experienced tremendous success as he answered the Lord’s call to make disciples in that region. Sadly, for those who knew him, Leland went home to be with the Lord in June of 2011, at the age of 49. At the time of his passing, CBC-Uganda had approximately 130 students enrolled. CBC graduate, Dean Crooks and his wife Linda stepped in as the school’s interim directors. The couple led the students through the completion of the school year and held CBC-Uganda’s first graduation ceremony. After graduation, Andrew and AWM’s World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, were forced to put CBC-Uganda’s classes on hold until they found a full-time director.

Now, 14 months later, plans are in motion to re-open the Ugandan campus for the coming school year. The Lord has raised up a husband and wife team from Colorado to lead the charge; Henry A classroom at CBC-Uganda in Kampala, ready and waiting.
(Click to enlarge)
(Hank) and Mary Lenz, have been named the new directors of CBC-Uganda.

Hank and Mary were fellow classmates and friends of Leland’s. The couple graduated from CBC-Colorado in 2003, and Hank apprenticed in 2004. They first came across Andrew as a result of a friend inviting Hank to Andrew’s annual Men’s Advance. Hank remembers enjoying the message of grace that he heard Andrew teach, but he was sure there had to be a catch—he never found one.

The Lenzes managed a camp just outside Woodland Park, CO when they sensed God leading them to attend Bible school. One Sunday while visiting a church in Colorado Springs, the couple picked up materials from CBC which included information about the Expand Your Vision conference (now called Campus Days). It wasn’t until they were on campus and classes had begun that they realized that Hank and Mary sit for a moment on the tailgate in Colorado. (Click to enlarge)CBC was an extension of Andrew’s ministry.

Both Mary and Hank enjoyed their time at CBC and they had the eyes of their understanding opened. Many teachings made an impact on Mary, but she said that The True Nature of God helped her overcome many of her own religious misunderstandings. One class that really caught Hank’s attention was Andrew’s series on Righteousness. “When Andrew taught on Righteousness, I knew there was something there that I needed to understand at a heart level,” Hank shared.

The Lenzes gained more than head knowledge of God’s goodness while at CBC; they experienced it first-hand. When Mary was 11, she rode her bicycle to the local store, something her parents had not given her permission to do. On her ride, she had an accident with a car. Because of the guilt she felt, she tried to hide her injuries from her parents. Several days passed before she told them, and they took After graduating from CBC in 2003, the Lenzes owned and operated a sandwich shop, and at one time they employed Leland Shores III (left).
(Click to enlarge)
her to see a doctor. Mary had broken her hip.

At the recommendation of an orthopedic specialist Mary had surgery to address the damage. Mary’s problem turned to tragedy when the surgeon damaged blood vessels as he placed a pin in her hip. As a result, growth in her hip and leg stopped, and disease also set in causing her hip to deteriorate further. As doctors sought ways to address her issues, Mary’s other leg continued to grow. Doctors came up with a way to halt the growth of Mary’s good leg, but not before it had grown an inch and a half longer than her injured leg. The length discrepancy caused curvature of the spine and a host of other problems.

Mary’s physical problems lingered as she aged. Hank and Mary were married when they were 21, and the couple had their daughter, Amanda, when Mary was 26. By age 31, Mary could barely walk, and by 34 she was visiting the top hip replacement surgeons in the country seeking much needed help. After more complications, further problems ensued. Eventually, Mary was left deformed and dependent upon a pair of Canadian crutches, a scooter, a wheelchair and medication. Long-held, childhood dreams of becoming a missionary seemed lost, and the simple act of getting on the floor to play with Hank and Mary were married at the age of 21. At the time, Mary was Catholic and Hank was Presbyterian.
(Click to enlarge)
her daughter became nearly impossible.

Two and a half years after the failed surgery, Mary had one more procedure. This time the hip replacement was deemed a success; her leg was attached, and her hip was aligned correctly. Although one leg was still shorter than the other, she still had scoliosis, and her muscles were so weak that Mary couldn’t pick her leg up if she was lying on her back, she was optimistic.

Hank and Mary moved to Colorado Springs a year and a half after Mary’s last surgery in 1996. When they started classes at CBC in 2001, Mary could still only walk short distances and she was unable to sit comfortably through the four hour class schedule. “One day when she left school early and went out to the car, and Andrew asked me to go out and bring her back in. He prayed for her, and she was able to sit for longer durations,” said Hank.

Since that time, Mary has been able to take two mile walks, her stomach has been healed from damage caused by Mary and daughter Amanda on a family outing prior to being healed.
(Click to enlarge)
medication, she can lift her leg off the ground while lying on her back, and she can get on and off the floor by herself. She no longer relies on walking aides—Mary seldom even uses a cane. Mary is healed and gets stronger every day.

It is through CBC that Hank and Mary came to understand and receive all the blessings that are provided through Jesus’ finished work. They enjoy seeking God and his grace, and having the Holy Spirit continually remind them of their righteousness. “God is good, all the time,” said Hank. “Mary is going to be a missionary by God’s grace,” he declared.

At the writing of this post, Hank and Mary are on the ground in Kampala, Uganda getting things organized and promoting the re-opening of the school. Andrew will be holding meetings in Kampala in late October, and classes are set to begin the last week of January 2013. With plenty of time to get the ball rolling, and plans to include a new third year leadership training program, the Lenzes anticipate a full house. They have contacted more than 100 students that were sidelined without a school in 2011, and they have received an eager and excited response.

For more information about the Hank and Mary, and their ministry, visit their website . To keep up with their progress in Kampala, follow them on twitter: @LenzMinistries.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/17/meet-the-new-directors-of-cbc-uganda.html

Andrew Visits the Windy City for a GTS

Andrew sharing the Word at the first session of the GTS in Chicago. (Click to enlarge)Andrew spent the third weekend of August ministering at a Gospel Truth Seminar in Chicago. During his annual visit to the Windy City he taught a series called, Reigning in Life. Throughout the weekend, he ministered predominantly from the book of Romans and he said, “The book of Romans is Paul’s masterpiece on Grace, and he Andrew teaching Thursday night.
(Click to enlarge)
taught effectively from the word of God how Jesus totally changed everything and took away the condemnation of the Old Testament Law—I mean, it is profound. If the book of Romans isn’t one of your favorite books, you do not have a good foundation in the Word of God.”

As he taught about the freedom Jesus provided Andrew commented, “One of the slickest deceptions that the devil ever put forth was to convince the modern day church that God gave all of the commands so that you could keep them and by keeping them you would earn God’s favor. That was never the purpose of the Law.”The altar call Friday night.
(Click to enlarge)

After listening to Andrew share the truth about a believer’s right standing and freedom through Christ, many answered the end-of-meeting altar calls to be born again or to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Large crowds also came forward to receive one-on-one ministry from the prayer team. One woman suffering from a nerve disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) approached a prayer minister and explained that her feet were badly affected by the disease, and she could hardly walk. The prayer minister also noticed that one of her hands was rigidly clenched and her arm hung as if it was useless. The woman acknowledged the minister’s observation and said she Andrew with World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, the Directors of CBC-Chicago and CBC-Iniana and their staff. (Click to enlarge)had lost the use of her arm due to a stroke. Without hesitation the minister prayed, and all pain left the woman’s feet, life returned to her damaged arm and she was able to use her hand again. “She was overjoyed,” remarked the prayer minister.

Another woman, named Debbie, approached the prayer team. As she stepped forward, using a cane she was noticeably pale. Debbie shared that she suffered from persistent internal bleeding; a condition that caused her pale color and severe weakness. She went on to say that her problem normally kept her confined to her bed. The following day, the minister reported that within 24 hours of receiving prayer, Debbie was up, walking without the cane, color had returned to her skin and she had been out of bed all day.

A great number of those seeking prayer at this conference commented that they had suffered with their individual pain or torment for years. Their problems were no match for the mighty name of Jesus, and His finished work on our behalf.


Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/13/andrew-visits-the-windy-city-for-a-gts.html

Charis Bible College Opens in Argentina

CBC-Colorado graduates and Directors of CBC-Argentina, Nancy and Joe MacQueen.
(Click to enlarge)
Two years ago, we brought you the story of the MacQueen family’s call to ministry and their journey to the mission field in Argentina. After finding Andrew on television, Joe, Nancy and their son Sean, left their comfortable and ordinary surroundings in Connecticut and headed to Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. Following their graduation and third-year apprenticeships, the family made an exciting move to Buenos Aires where they began their ministry, Charis de Dios (Grace of God).

Since stepping out in faith to attend CBC in 2004, the MacQueens have let the Lord set the pace for their ministry. Joe teaching with Pastor Johnathan translating. (Click to enlarge)While the idea of opening a CBC extension school in Argentina had been a desire of their heart since their arrival in South America, they waited patiently for God to open the appropriate doors. The trio was purposeful in only doing those things in which they discerned His leading.

In the early days of Charis de Dios, the MacQueens held small Bible studies in their home and assisted a local pastor’s ministry to the homeless. As they continued to follow the Lord other doors opened, and they began serving as course facilitators for CBC-Colorado’s online program. Then, in June of 2011, God gave the MacQueens the green Joe signing the paperwork to form the appropriate legal association to establish the school. (Click to enlarge)light to move ahead with plans for CBC-Argentina.

As the MacQueen’s ministry blossomed they began taking the steps necessary to make the extension school a reality. The process began with governmental (both Argentine and U.S.) hoop jumping, which included securing the proper visas and establishing the appropriate civil association for the college. Juggling laws from two nations to obtain the correct documentation was not without struggle and required the assistance of a lawyer. The MacQueens saw God’s hand in the process as He brought them a bi-lingual, English-speaking lawyer to guide them through the paperwork.

The MacQueen’s son, Sean, the Dean of Students, and his family; wife Alejandra and daughter Amy. Alejandra also serves the school as a translator and helps with administration.
(Click to enlarge)
For the certification necessary to collect tuition and hold classes, the MacQueens were required to have a meeting place, one that could be inspected by the government at any time. Of course, to secure such a place to meet, they had to have the certification—a catch 22. After some difficulty, God miraculously opened the door for the MacQueens to use a space (for a small fee) in a former Argentine Presidential mansion. Location problem solved.

In June of 2011, the MacQueens began holding Bible studies in their mansion “classroom,” and CBC-Argentina officially opened its doors in March of 2012. “It had a gorgeous outdoor courtyard and we loved it there,” Nancy said with fondness. Two weeks into the school year, which Palacio Barolo, the palace in which CBC-Argentina holds classes. (Click to enlarge)runs from March through December in South America, Joe and Nancy were informed that they had to move the school from that facility. Though the prospect of relocating was an inconvenience, the MacQueens did not let the disruption shake them. They turned to the Lord. “God miraculously provided another classroom for us—this time in a palace (Palacio Barolo)! So we moved from a mansion to a palace…and, for the same amount of rent—that’s favor, ” said Nancy.

With the location issue settled, the MacQueens moved forward with discipleship, something that can be difficult when there is a language barrier. Again, the Lord provided for their need. “We needed translators for the school, for both morning and night classes. Joe had said to God, back in 2004, that he would go anywhere in the world as long as He provided a translator, and God miraculously CBC-Argentina…students, translators and teachers. (Click to enlarge)provided a whole family of translators. The family’s daughter translates in the morning classes and the father translates at night. And our daughter-in-law, Alejandra, fills in whenever needed,” said Nancy contently.

All of CBC-Argentina’s current students travel from at least an hour away to attend class. Their determination to attend and their dedication to spreading the good news is already bearing fruit. One student, Maria, has started a weekly Bible study where she has been teaching what she learns in class. Maria’s study has grown from two people to 13 in just a short amount of time, but her success has not been without harsh criticism from other professing believers. In the early days of the MacQueens ministry, Maria struggled with the teaching because Maria (black shirt) and Alejandra soaking up the teaching at CBC-Argentina. (Click to enlarge)of the conflict between what local religious teachers were saying and what the MacQueens were sharing. Maria prayed, and asked God who she should believe. Maria received her answer in a dream and shared her dream with Nancy. According to Nancy, Maria saw a great light coming towards her in the dream. God told her not to be afraid of the light—that the MacQueens were bringing the light of the Gospel to Argentina. Since then, Maria has been to every one of the MacQueen’s Bible studies and has never missed a day of school.

“Maria is the one that is truly out on the front lines, blazing a trail,” said Nancy. “We have an awesome, dedicated group of students; they will be the ones to impact Buenos Aires with the Gospel of Grace.”

The MacQueens consider CBC-Argentina to be God’s project, and they operate as the overseers of His work. “Proverbs 16:9 says, ‘A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.’ There is freedom and great peace in knowing that. We do what we can and walk through doors as God opens them, and it is so humbling to be chosen to be a part of God’s work. We just look in amazement at the working of God,” Nancy reflected.

If you or someone you know would like more information about CBC-Argentina and the MacQueen’s ministry visit their website.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/10/charis-bible-college-opens-in-argentina.html

CBC Set to Open in Mexico

Charis Bible College-Colorado graduates and the new directors of CBC-Mexico, Alex and Julie Palomares, stand on either side of Andrew. (Click to enlarge)Alex and Julie Palomares fell in love with missions work during the 1980s when they were part of an Evangelistic Caravan in the mountains of Mexico. It was there that the couple led an elderly woman to the Lord. After ministering to her, Alex and Julie’s hearts were full of excitement and passion for ministry, and they were ready to become full-time missionaries. However, as the Palomares sought the Lord for direction, they found that God had other plans. The Lord led them to go back to the United States to raise a family before heading on to the mission field.

The Palomares at their CBC graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs. (Click to enlarge)In January of 2011, we shared the Palomares’ testimony of their return to Mexico. Three decades later, after raising their family and graduating from Charis Bible College in Colorado, the Lord had rekindled the fire for missions in Alex and Julie’s hearts. They returned to Mexico in 2010 and made their home in the city of Querétaro. The couple did not waste any time establishing their ministry, and they began traveling to teach Discipleship Evangelism(DE)courses in León, Guanajuato, a town about two hours northwest of their new home. A short time later they also established a second discipleship group at a local church in Querétaro. Since then, the invitations and opportunities to minister the Gospel throughout Mexico have continued to increase.

As they shared the Word, Alex and Julie noticed a pattern within the groups of people to whom they were ministering. The Alex and Julie ministering a La Roca Church. (Click to enlarge)people, many of whom had spent their lives attending church, were tired, worn out and did not know God or understand His provision for them. However, as Alex and Julie continued sharing the DE lessons, they realized the people were being transformed. “As they learn and become aware of how much God loves them, their lives begin to change,” Julie explained.

From the beginning, each group that Alex and Julie have taught has gained an abundance of revelation and a clear understanding of water baptism, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in CBC Mexico will occupy the upper level of this building in Queretero. CBC signs were being created at the time of this posting. (Click to enlarge)tongues, their authority as believers and more. “They learn that they can be blessed, and that they can have health—they learn all the benefits,” Alex explained.

Following the completion of the DE course, many group participants began to inquire, “What’s next?” This question, and the hunger from which it stemmed, came as no surprise to Alex and Julie. The two have been working diligently for the last two years to create CBC’s first Spanish language campus—a place to facilitate continued growth in the Lord and to further equip of the saints in Mexico. The Palomares’ efforts and long hours have proven fruitful, and CBC-Mexico will open its doors in Querétaro in September of 2012.Alex and Julie at home in Mexico.
(Click to enlarge)

Alex and Julie are excited about the expansion of their ministry and the process of discipleship that began just two years ago. Their mission has not changed, they simply desire to, “Equip others to go out and make disciples,” just as Jesus has instructed. They are off to a great start!

Be sure to watch the brief video below to learn more about Alex and Julie’s journey in to full-time ministry, and visit CBC-Mexico to learn more about this brand new extension school.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/6/cbc-set-to-open-in-mexico.html

Red Hawk Ranch & The Sanctuary

Andrew stepping out of the excavator he used to break ground at The Sanctuary (formerly, Red Hawk Ranch), the future home of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)With the long-anticipated groundbreaking at The Sanctuary behind us, Andrew and Charis Bible College look forward to a bright future for the new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. For two years, this blog has shared Andrew’s heart and vision for the property and covered the process by which the ministry has undertaken this project. Previous owners of the property also had hopes and dreams for the land on which CBC’s new buildings will sit, and as God would have it, the desired outcome is very much the same—that it would be a place dedicated to the glory of God.

Red Hawk Ranch

Red Hawk Ranch, as it was known before AWM purchased it, and Andrew and Jamie renamed it The Sanctuary, was owned by Gilbert S. Jackson and his family. Gilbert, who acquired the land in 1990, had always thought of himself as a Christian, but it wasn’t until two weeks before he passed away that he truly received Jesus as his Savior.

Visionary and former owner of The Sanctuary property, Gilbert S. Jackson. (Click to enlarge)After the celebration of Gilbert’s 74th birthday, he lay in bed hurting and frustrated as he struggled with the pain and symptoms of cancer. As his nighttime nurse’s aide, Merline, comforted him, she commented to him that as far as she knew Gilbert was only missing one thing in his life. Anxious to hear what she thought, he asked her to tell him what he lacked. Merline shared Christ with Gilbert, and in the moments that followed he was born again.

Gilbert said he, “saw Jesus,” and the experience was so tangible to him that it noticeably changed him. In the days that followed Gilbert could hardly contain his happiness. Although he was bedridden, he sought to share his experience with everyone he knew including his daughter, Debbie Jackson Littlestar. When Debbie arrived at his house, Gilbert wanted to tell her all about his salvation experience. “I had never seen such deep joy on my dad’s face and in his eyes—such amazement and love,” shared Debbie.

(1996) Gilbert’s daughter, Debbie and her husband Mark Littlestar stand on the building site of their home, the building Andrew now calls the Lodge.
(Click to enlarge)
After being born again, Gilbert told Debbie and her husband, Mark Littlestar, that he wanted all of his properties to go to Christian endeavors. As Debbie recalled conversations with her father, she shared that he was a visionary. She said Gilbert would sit and brainstorm for hours about the future of Woodland Park, and he encouraged his family to do the same. On one such occasion, Gilbert shared his heart for education and learning and how he dreamed of having a school on the 157 acre property. Gilbert had even imagined having a school with glass walls so that the students could feel like they were outside while learning.

The Littlestar’s home now serves as The Sanctuary’s Lodge. A facility which has temporarily housed many ministers and AWM functions. (Click to enlarge)After Gilbert passed, Debbie handled her father’s affairs and managed his assets both in Colorado and in Texas. In 1996 Debbie and Mark decided to build a home on the ranch, the house Andrew calls the Lodge, with the intent of living there forever, raising their two daughters, Sarah and Krissy, and sharing it with people from all over the world. “We were involved in international missions with various organizations and hoped to share this blessing with our friends and family as they traveled through Colorado,” said Debbie.

The Littlestars named the property Red Hawk Ranch because of the red hawks (seen here on the post) that frequently visited the site during the building process. (Click to enlarge)As the Littlestars began the process of building their home, a couple of missionary friends visited and offered to pray over the property and the project. “The four of us stood back-to-back, facing in all four directions, and we prayed out loud for the property to be used by God to glorify Himself and further His Kingdom,” Debbie shared.

Their prayer time, which included blessing the future builders, took place on the spot that would eventually accommodate their house. Ironically this was the same site that had served as the dump for the ranch for the previous 50 years. “It’s a great metaphor for restoration and redemption, isn’t it?” suggested Debbie.

86-yr-old, master carpenter, Bob Flett, placed the large beams found in the Lodge. Bob prayed over the each log as he worked. (Click to enlarge)Over the course of the building project many hands worked on the home and the accompanying outbuildings. Their efforts created a special place for all to feel welcome and open to feel God’s presence. Among those who contributed to the home’s beauty was 80-year-old master craftsman, Bob Flett. He was hired to place the log beams inside the home. Debbie recalled with fondness, Bob’s gentle spirit and soft godly manner. The Littlestars also shared that Bob had prayed over each beam as he worked with them.

Although the Littlestars’ plans changed and they sold the property in the latter half of 1999, their prayers and desire for the ranch live on through Andrew’s vision for the property. Looking back on her father’s creative thinking, Debbie said, “This is the answer to our prayers and our desire for Dad’s dying wishes to be fulfilled.”

With construction underway at The Sanctuary, Gilbert’s dreams for Red Hawk Ranch and Andrew’s vision for CBC’s new campus are becoming a reality. Continue to check back as we bring you updates on the construction progress at this place dedicated to the glory of God.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/30/red-hawk-ranch-the-sanctuary.html

Andrew Visits New England for GTS

Andrew kidding with the audience in Worcester, Massachusetts at this year’s New England GTS.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew visited the northeastern United States at the end of July, where he hosted the New England Gospel Truth Seminar in Worcester, Massachusetts. Thursday July 26th, Andrew opened the annual conference by sharing the title of the weekend’s series, Christian Philosophy.

As Andrew established the context and meaning of his title, he used Colossians 2:8 as a foundation for his message. Andrew asked the crowd to evaluate, within their heart, not openly, whether they felt like there was something the Lord had purchased for them that they hadn’t appropriated; something that they could see in Scripture, but did not appear to be working in their individual lives, such as Andrew during the altar call after Thursday evening’s meeting.
(Click to enlarge)
healing, deliverance, joy, prosperity, peace, anointing, or boldness. Referring to the verse in Colossians, Andrew said, “The average Christian today has been spoiled, somebody has stripped from us something that Jesus has provided for us, and the average Christian is not experiencing God’s best.” He quickly asked, “Why is that?” Then answering the question for the crowd Andrew said, “Wrong philosophy. Wrong thinking.”

Andrew spent the rest of the weekend contrasting errant doctrine and worldly perspective with Biblical truth, emphasizing what a Christian’s philosophy should look like. Andrew, like the apostle Andrew sharing that God is good and only good—all of the time.
(Click to enlarge)
Paul, encouraged believers to be on guard and not to lose what Jesus has made available. He discussed the inerrant truth of God’s Word, the fact that there is only one God, that God is good all the time, that evolution in any form is not compatible with God’s Word, and then he wrapped up the weekend ministering about homosexuality and abortion.

The crowds were receptive to Andrew’s teaching of the Gospel Truth and many came forward to receive prayer throughout the weekend. The prayer ministry team witnessed multiple eyesight related healings; the most notable of these was that of a woman suffering from Andrew shared the platform Friday night with GTS staff, Ashley and Carlie Terradez. (Click to enlarge)the effects of multiple sclerosis. The disease had stolen the sensitivity from her face, leaving her with facial numbness and she had been deemed legally blind. After prayer, feeling returned to her face and she was able to read fine print.

One little girl came forward with a deformed hand; the hand was limp and curled under, leaving it useless. As the prayer minister spoke to the hand, the girl received strength in her wrist and they both watched as her hand slowly uncurled. As her healing manifested, she was able to extend her arm to shake hands with the prayer minister!

The power of God flowed throughout the weekend and many lives were transformed. Be sure to catch the video below and watch as Andrew introduces the series, Christian Philosophy.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/27/andrew-visits-new-england-for-gts.html

Charis Bible College Opening in San Antonio

CBC graduates, pastors of Oasis of Light, and the new directors of CBC San Antonio, Michaela and John Blig (Click to enlarge)Late in 2011 we shared the story of CBC-Chicago graduates, John and Michaela Blig. Story details included their obedience to the Lord’s leading and their multi-continent journey into full-time ministry. Before going to school in Chicago, the Bligs served as worship leaders and church planters in Romania. Since graduating from CBC, the couple has planted a church in San Antonio, Texas called, Oasis of Light.

With a heart for reaching and discipling more people, John and Michaela also started a Bible school at their church. For the past two years they offered part-time classes in which they utilized Andrew’s teachings and CBC curriculum on DVD. As of September 2012, the Blig’s in-church school will become The Bligs stand with several of their students outside the facility.
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a fully recognized Charis Bible College extension school, appropriately called, CBC-San Antonio.

The Bligs will officially open the school’s doors with 12 second-year students, a number of returning part-time students and some new faces in their first-year class. “All of our students testify how their lives were so powerfully impacted by the Word of God. I am blessed to see the amazing transformation that sitting under the Word has accomplished in the lives of these students,” John said.

Because musical worship has always been a vital part of John and Michaela’s ministry and because of their past success The Bligs value worship ministry and may include classes for leading worship as part of their curriculum in San Antonio. (Click to enlarge)as worship leaders, the Bligs are considering expanding their curriculum to include classes focused on developing worship leaders. While the classes would include teaching and instruction, John speculated that much of the equipping would come through the practical experience of leading from the platform. “We have seen the power of true worship and the benefits of it in the lives of the believers. One of the greatest is that it gets the heart ready to receive the Word that transforms,” said John.

The Blig’s vision for ministry is ever-widening and they believe the Lord has set them on a path to minister both locally and abroad. As they follow God’s plan and listen attentively to His direction, John and Michaela will continue to impact the world.

John strongly ecourages those considering attending CBC, to make the descision to enroll, and his enthusiasm stems from knowing that their lives will be permanently and effortlessly transformed by the Word of God. In John’s words, “You cannot put a price on the value of whatis taught at CBC, it is awesome.”

For more information about CBC-San Antonio call (210) 275-9994.

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Kent Coates: Finding Fulfillment in the Call

CBC graduates and pastors, Kent and Sheila Coates. (Click to enlarge)Ever since Kent Coates was a young boy, he has known that the Lord called him to preach the Word. As he grew however, Kent chose to pursue other avenues—any other avenue really. “All I could see from my experience with preachers was that they were broke and would be fired when the people in the church disagreed with them. I also did not want to go to Africa and live in a mud hut. So I ran from God and just asked Him to bless what I wanted to do.” Many years and many careers later, Kent chose to embrace the Lord’s call on his life. He and his wife of 40 years, Sheila, now lead Life Giving Church International in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

“I responded to His call on my life because I knew that nothing else would be fulfilling for me. My other careers had provided an income, but not fulfillment,” said Kent.

Kent has worn many hats prior to embracing the Lord’s call; among them service in the US Army Military Police and the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation. (Click to enlarge)Making the choice to follow the Lord’s call led Kent away from a carpet and upholstery cleaning business that he and Sheila owned and operated. After 19 years in the business, Kent took the step of faith toward full-time ministry by enrolling in a two year minister’s training school. In 2005, just a short time after completing the program, Kent found Andrew’s Gospel Truth program on television. Taken by Andrew’s teaching of God’s unconditional love and the balance of grace and faith, Kent realized he needed to be immersed in the grace message before going into ministry.

In May of 2005, Kent and Sheila agreed they would attend CBC, and they began sharing the news that they were moving to Colorado Springs in the fall. At the time, the Coates had a business to sell and several other concerns to address before they could attend. “In one week in September, all those concerns were answered. Our business had a buyer, our son, who was living with us at the time, was relocated, and a piece of property we owned sold without ever listing it,” Kent said.In Kent’s circle of friends he was famous for saying it would be a cold day in hell before he got married. The day the Coates celebrated their nuptials, Georgia had its worst snowstorm in fifty years! (Click to enlarge)

In November of the Coates’ second year in Colorado, Kent had a conversation with his daughter Christy’s husband, Bryan. During their talk, they discussed Christy and Bryan’s struggle to find a church in Raleigh/Durham which taught the gospel of grace. Immediately, as Kent and Bryan spoke, a verse from the book of Matthew rose up in Kent’s spirit, “But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd,” (Matthew 9:36). It was then that Kent knew he and Sheila were to plant a church in his old hometown.

After graduation the Coates moved back to North Carolina and planted Life Giving Church International in the heart of the Research Triangle area. The couple has also established a network of grace ministries and Bible study leaders in the region called the GraceLife Network. Kent said it was formed to encourage those who wanted to experience the gospel, but felt like they were all alone. “We provide information on what churches, ministries, and Bible studies Andrew and Jamie stand with the Coates family (“Son-in-grace” Bryan and daughter Christy on the left and Kent II on the right) after their CBC graduation. (Click to enlarge)are available in the area which would assist them in their belief in the finished work of Christ,” said Kent. The network hosts two conferences a year, which feature international ministers, and they also distribute an internet magazine promoting the availability of groups in the area who teach the grace of God. The new Charis Bible College extension school opening in Raleigh/Durham this fall was among the groups recently mentioned in the magazine.

Similar to Lord’s word to Andrew, the Lord impressed upon Kent that 2 Timothy 2:2 would be the model for the Coates’ ministry to impact the world. “Jesus poured His life into training 12 men, and it changed the world. We can disciple those who are sent to us and duplicate our efforts through them,” said Kent. Kent and Sheila serving in the AWM Phone Center. (Click to enlarge)The Coates are using various ways to disciple people; the church on Sundays, weekly in home Bible studies, GraceLife Network functions, and soon through unity with CBC-Raleigh/Durham.

“I see our church as an internship partner with CBC, where those who are called to ministry can get on-the-job-training and be equipped to perform what they have learned in the school. I have a great desire to assemble teams of trained people for the purpose of planting grace based churches here in the United States and around the world. Everywhere they go, disciples will disciple disciples. I believe this is how the Good News will be duplicated around the world, said Kent enthusiastically.Celebration service at Life Giving Church International. (Click to enlarge)

Unfulfilled in his pursuits prior to ministry, Kent is now satisfied in life. This is not to say that the fulfillment Kent had been seeking his whole life was made complete simply because he became a preacher. Fulfillment came after receiving true revelation of the Gospel of grace. “I realized that my relationship with God had been based on untrue assumptions. I didn’t think He was pleased with me when I was not in ministry. Since soaking in His unconditional love and grace, I found that He was pleased with me, no matter what profession I chose. His love and blessings were not conditional upon my obedience,” said Kent.

After Kent could see God the Father through how Jesus revealed Him in the Gospels, the guilt of disobedience to the call on his life was gone. “I then had a relationship with Him without any conditions— only love. It was then that my life was fulfilled,” Kent shared.

Kent knows that the Lord is living through him, working to affect the lives of those around him in a positive way. “That is living life in abundance to me—imparting to people that they are unconditionally loved by Him,” said Kent.

For more information about Life Giving Church International, the GraceLife Network or the Coates’ online publication, visit the Coates’ website.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/20/kent-coates-finding-fulfillment-in-the-call.html

Hannah’s Healing Journeys Reunion

In 2006, AWM shared a touching healing testimony about then three-year-old Hannah Terradez. Hannah received healing from a rare autoimmune disease called, eosinophilic enteropathy, which caused her body to reject every type of food. Her miraculous story became a well-known part of Andrew’s Healing Journeys DVD series.

Today, Hannah remains healthy and active. During last summer’s Healing Journeys Reunion, Andrew talked with Hannah’s parents and grandparents about how their lives have been dramatically changed by the revelation of God’s goodness. Watch the two-part video below as Andrew walks through their amazing story of how an old cassette tape and the Gospel Truth transformed three generations of family.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/16/hannahs-healing-journeys-reunion.html

See the Impact CBC-Chicago is Making

Ten years ago when Mark Bassett and his wife, Tenese, were second year students at Charis Bible College in Colorado, the Lord planted a seed in Mark’s heart to launch the first stateside extension of CBC. Mark shared the idea with his wife and as the two discussed it, they grew increasingly more excited about duplicating their CBC experience. In August of 2003, the Bassetts took a step of faith and opened Charis Bible College-Chicago. Watch the video below to see the wonderful fruit of the Bassett’s faithful first step and the duplication that has taken place over the past decade.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/13/see-the-impact-cbc-chicago-is-making.html

Andrew Interviews the Forsyth Family

In 2010 we posted a Healing Journeys testimony about Scott Forsyth, his battle with severe digestive issues and his overcoming victory in Jesus. Scott’s story became part of the AWM Healing Journeys DVD series and was the first testimony AWM received about a healing that stemmed directly from watching another Healing Journeys testimony that of Hannah Terradez.

At last year’s Healing Journeys reunion, Andrew sat down with Scott and his family to talk about how Scott’s healing changed the Forsyth’s approach to life, and how they now live in the blessing of God. Watch the video below and be encouraged by the numerous victories the Forsyth’s have experienced in their lives because of their revelation of God’s goodness.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/9/andrew-interviews-the-forsyth-family.html

Lisa Gowan’s Eye Opening Moments

Lisa Gowans has been listing to the Lord’s voice since she was a young girl.
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Lisa Gowans was brought up in a Catholic family and attended Mass and a parochial school until she was fourteen years old. She recalls the legalistic requirements she put upon herself in order to live up to the standard of what she thought was the “perfect Catholic.” Although she loved Jesus, it was not until she attended her grandmother’s funeral that she realized she was missing something.

During her grandmother’s funeral, which was at a Baptist church, Lisa remembers hearing God speak to her for the very first time. The experience made such an impact that she asked her parents for permission to attend the Baptist church. “It was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. He just opened my eyes,” said Lisa.

Over the course of the first year that Lisa attended her new church, she soaked up the biblical teaching and began to realize her need for a more personal relationship with Jesus. It was also during that initial year that she went on her first mission trip and made the decision to accept Jesus as her Savior. “My life has never been the same,” Lisa said.

Lisa and her family (L-R) Dad and Mom, Don and Margaret Phipps and Lisa’s husband Lee. (Click to enlarge)Two and a half years ago, Lisa’s dad introduced her to Andrew’s ministry. He had been watching Andrew’s Gospel Truth program for several months before he made the suggestion that she watch. Conscious of his daughter’s doctrine and walk with God, her dad said, “Just give him a chance and hear what Andrew is teaching.”

Once again, Lisa’s eyes were opened in a way that transformed her heart as she listened to, The War is Over and Hardness of Heart. Lisa realized that God was speaking to her, taking her to a new level and showing her how much she had been missing. Although she had only just begun to grasp what Andrew’s teaching was revealing to her, Lisa decided to attend a Gospel Truth Seminar in Orlando. She traveled to and from Tampa each day for the conference.

Lisa and her husband Lee in Hawaii.
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During the first night of the seminar, the Lord led Lisa to go forward for prayer for migraine headaches, headaches that had plagued her for three years. The migraines were constant and the pain fluctuated throughout the day, often waking her up in the middle of the night. As Andrew ministered that evening, faith rose in her heart regarding God’s will to heal. Although she believed she would receive healing instantaneously, she wasn’t sure she would be able to tell right away because of the medication she had been taking. Lisa said, “By faith I did not take my medication. In fact, I went home and immediately threw it all away, believing I had already been healed.” At the writing of this article, two and a half years later, Lisa has not taken any more migraine medication, and she has not had another migraine. Praise God!

Although Lisa had heard of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, she did not fully understand what it was; she had been taught it was a “thing of the past.” After personal time in prayer, Lisa decided that she would respond to Andrew’s invitation and go forward to Lisa and Lee enjoying a walk on the beach—something she had become unable to do due to her ankle injury. (Click to enlarge)receive the Baptism. Once again, her faith was rewarded. “I determined that I wanted any and all things God had provided for me. I went forward in the conference and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and again how dramatically my life changed,” Lisa said.

With each new step of faith, Lisa continued to realize the extent of God’s love for her. Today her revelation of healing has grown tremendously. At the most recent GTS in Orlando Lisa received restoration from a 25-year-old ankle injury that made it painfully difficult to walk. She has also seen instant manifestation of healing in other areas of her body as well. “Just recently I had been having irritation and pain in my eye. I went to the mirror, pulled my upper eyelid up and saw a large irritated bump. I immediately spoke to this and cast it out of my body—rebuking Satan. The bump immediately disappeared while I was looking at it. It was gone— miraculously,” Lisa exclaimed!Lisa and her parents, blessed to have found the Gospel Truth together. Don and Margaret were born again in the early 1990’s.
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Each morning, Lisa and her husband, Lee, spend time studying God’s word together. Often the couple uses Andrew’s books as part of their studies. “I have grown so much in my Christian walk with God; He has been changing my life for the better,” said Lisa.

As the Lord continues to reveal Himself, Lisa’s excitement for the future grows. Looking forward, she can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for their lives.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/6/lisa-gowans-eye-opening-moments.html

Healing Journeys Reunion with the Petersons

Several years ago, AWM published a story called, Jason’s Miracle. The story was about the Peterson family and their young son’s victory over a rare and severe skin disorder. Their faith-building testimony became part of the AWM Healing Journeys DVD series.

Last summer, Andrew hosted a two-day reunion for the families and individuals featured in the 3-part Healing Journeys series. While at the reunion, Andrew had an opportunity to sit down with the Petersons, and they discussed Jason’s miraculous healing and how the Lord continues to work through all of their lives today.

Enjoy the video below as Andrew catches up with the Peterson family and they share their amazing story.

Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/8/2/healing-journeys-reunion-with-the-petersons.html

The Impact of CBC-Atlanta

Believers, Tom and Cindy Boyd, first heard Andrew in 1996, and the process of discipleship was set in motion. A decade later, the Boyds launched CBC-Atlanta and the sharing of the Gospel continued. The same teaching that transformed Tom and Cindy’s lives is continuing to change lives in Georgia. For a look inside the discipleship happening through these world-changers and CBC-Atlanta, be sure to watch the video below.


Article source: http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/7/30/the-impact-of-cbc-atlanta.html

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